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Documentation required for the successful transfer of a company’s registered office to Czechia.

A certificate issued by a notary serves as a basis for the registration of the transfer of a company’s registered office to Czechia. When a registered office is transferred to Czechia, a notary will issue a certificate for purposes of registration in the companies register only if:

(a) the notary is presented with an authentic instrument, issued by the competent body of the state in which the foreign legal entity is established or by whose laws its internal legal affairs are governed, demonstrating that this entity has complied with the requirements laid down by the laws of that state for the registered office to be transferred to Czechia;

(b) a legal incorporation document is submitted with content meeting the requirements of Czech law for a change of legal form; and

(c) an expert opinion or other eligible document is submitted which certifies that the foreign legal entity’s assets are equivalent at least to the amount of the registered capital stated in the incorporation document, if the foreign legal entity is to change its form to a private limited company, a public limited company or a cooperative.

Details regarding the documentation that a party participating in cross-border transfer is required to submit to a notary in order for a certificate to be issued for the purposes of registration in the companies register are governed by a decree of the Ministry of Justice (Implementing Decree No 415/2011).

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Reference to legal acts

Section 384d of Act No 125/2008 on the transformation of companies and cooperatives

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Ministerstvo spravedlnosti
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