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Only a professionally competent person who has the required experience and equipment and holds the relevant licence may be an insolvency practitioner.

An individual or a general partnership may be an insolvency practitioner if they are licensed to practise insolvency. A general partnership practises insolvency through a notified partner, who must themselves hold the relevant licence.

An insolvency administrator must be a professionally competent person who holds a master’s degree, has passed the insolvency practitioner exam, is insured, has at least three years’ professional experience in a field related to insolvency practice, especially in law, economics, tax consulting, accounting, auditing or business management, and has the staffing and facilities necessary to practise insolvency.

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Reference to legal acts

Section 6 et seq. of Act No 312/2006 on insolvency practitioners, as amended

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Ministerstvo spravedlnosti
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