Main information about the service

The determinated mining area can be changed. Alterations are permitted by the relevant district mining authority decision. Administrative proceedings to change the mining area may be initiated ex officio. 

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Does this apply to me?

It concerns cases where the state is interested in alteration of the mining area.

Service outcome

Decision on the alteration of the mining area

Service benefit

The change of the mining area is a reaction to the course of mining works and enables the appropriate use of the relevant area. 

When to address the service

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In case of interest of state to mine the exclusive/reserved deposit to a different extent than the originally determined mining area. 

How to get the service

What do you need when solving the service electronically

For communication with the district mining office, it is necessary to have the appropriate communication channels and scanned documents related to the project. 

For the electronic solution of the service it is necessary to have an electronic signature, e-mail, or data box. 

Where and how to solve the service electronically

After the commencement of proceedings by the district mining authority, it is also possible to communicate with this authority electronically (e-mail, data message).

The decision can be issued electronically by the district mining authority.

Electronic contacts for the filing offices of the district mining authorities.                 

e-Government portal


Could be solved via e-identity


Is the service charged when solving electronically


What you’ll need to provide

Relevant documents must be available for negotiations with the District Mining Authority. 

Where to solve the service

The service can be solved by personal communication with the relevant district mining office (seat of the office, registry office, protocol), or address postal items to this office.

Is the service charged when solving in person?


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Additional information about the service

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Communication language

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Compliance date: Last checked at 27.11.2020

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