Main information about the service

An application for a permit to acquire explosives precursors may be submitted by a person from the general public to any district mining authority. The application must contain, in addition to the general requirements set out in the Administrative Procedure Code (ie the applicant's name, date of birth, address, etc.),

  • -the name or names of the explosives precursors,
  • -the purpose for which the restricted explosives precursors are to be used, and
  • -justification for the use of the required precursor.

An explosive precursor is a substance that is not itself an explosive, but an explosive can be made from it; for security reasons, the acquisition of these products by private entities is restricted or -in some cases- prohibited.

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Does this apply to me?

It concerns any member of the general public who intends to acquire those explosives precursors whose acquisition may be authorized /ie. in the concentrations specified in Regulation (EU) No 98/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the placing on the market and use of explosives precursors/ - ie hydrogen peroxide, nitromethane and nitric acid.

Service outcome

Authorization to acquire explosives precursors

Service benefit

Authorization to acquire explosives precursors will allow a member of the public to acquire certain explosives precursors to a limited extent. 

When to address the service

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The service needs to be addressed in case of intention to acquire some of the explosives precursors. 

How to get the service

What do you need when solving the service electronically

It is necessary to submit a scanned application (in case of submission by data box), or the electronic version fitted with an electronic signature, or fill out an application via a public website AIS SBS. 

Where and how to solve the service electronically

The service begins with the submission of an application to the district mining authority; this step can also be done electronically (e-mail, data message), or via the public portal AIS SBS. The District Mining Authority will assess the matter in accordance with the law and will either issue a decision on permission to acquire explosives precursors or reject the application. The decision can also be sent to the applicant electronically. For the electronic solution of the service it is necessary to have an electronic description, e-mail, or data box. 

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Could be solved via e-identity


Is the service charged when solving electronically


What you’ll need to provide

Make a personal submission to any district mining authority, or send your submission by mail. 

Where to solve the service

The service can be solved at any district mining office by personal application (filing room), or address a postal item to the district mining office 

Is the service charged when solving in person?


The fee for in person processed service

An administrative fee of CZK 300 is charged for the issuance of a permit. 

Responsible Public Authority

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Additional information about the service

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A natural person, as a member of the general public, commits an offense by:

  • holds or uses an explosive precursor which can be obtained without a permit,
  • states a false information in the application for the issue of a permit for the acquisition of explosives precursors,
  • as the holder of the permit does not meet any of the conditions specified in the permit.

There is a risk of a penalty of up to CZK 50,000 for such an offense. 

Communication language

The Czech language. 

Last checked at 31.10.2020

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