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Spatial data and services made available by public authorities are available without submitting application 24 hours a day, seven days a week at:

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Does this apply to me?

Any user from the public authority, private, academic, or public sector can use spatial data for their work (commercial or non-commercial) or personal purposes under the conditions given in the data metadata.

Service outcome

Spatial data availability

Service benefit

The output of the service is spatial data available, which users use under defined conditions. There is no need to contact the authorities managing this data; there is no need to search on different portals. The geoportal offers an overview of the available data, their providers, and an overview of other portals where it is possible to access the data.

When to address the service

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The users accesses the services, when spatial data is needed for their work or personal purposes. If the metadata of the service does not indicate any restrictions, it is possible to start using the service immediately. Sometimes the prior approval with use of the data is required; this can be found in the metadata element "Access Conditions".

How to get the service

What do you need when solving the service electronically

The user needs a device (computer, tablet, smartphone) and an internet connection.

Where and how to solve the service electronically

The service is not managed by any office. Data availability is ensured on the Internet; users access spatial data there.

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Is the service charged when solving electronically


Responsible Public Authority

Ministerstvo životního prostředí
Vršovická 1442/65
10000 Praha 10
Datová schránka: 9gsaax4

Additional information about the service

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