Publication of information on the operation of the storage site

Main information about the service

During the proceedings on the permit for the storage site, the District Mining Authority informs the public about the requirements of the permit procedure.

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Does this apply to me?

It applies to all persons who thus have the opportunity to obtain information on the operation of the storage site already at the stage of the permitting procedure.

Service outcome

Informing the public

Service benefit

Public awareness

When to address the service

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The service can be used to inform the public, as well as in business (commercial) activities.

How to get the service

get the service in person

What do you need when solving the service electronically

Internet access

Where and how to solve the service electronically

Information on the storage site permit can be found on the „website of the Czech mining Authority

e-Government portal

website of the Czech Mining Authority

Could be solved via e-identity


Is the service charged when solving electronically


Responsible Public Authority

the Czech Mining Authority
Kozí 748/4
Staré Město
11000 Praha 1

Data mailbox: rn6aas6

Additional information about the service

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Communication language

Czech language

Compliance date