Business related contacts

The following governmental and non–governmental institutions and web portals offer further information and useful services related to providing services in another member state and export in general.

Below you may find links to some of the most important economy and business institutions in the Czech Republic.

Doing Business in the Czech Republic http://www.doingbusiness.cz
StatisticsCzech Statistical Office (CZSO)http://www.czso.cz
Macroeconomic AnalysesMinistry of Financehttp://www.mfcr.cz
 Czech National Bankhttp://www.cnb.cz
LegislationCollection of Laws (in Czech only)http://www.sbirka.cz
 Automatizovaný systém právních informacíhttps://www.noveaspi.cz/
Trade OpportunitiesCzechTradehttp://www.czechtrade.cz
 CzechTrade’s supplier search servicehttp://www.supplier.cz
Finance and InsuranceExport Guarantee and Insurance Corp.http://www.egap.cz
 Export Bankhttp://www.ceb.cz
Company InformationRegistry of Companieshttp://www.justice.cz
 Inform Kataloghttp://www.inform.cz
 Kompass CRhttps://cz.kompass.com
Professional Associations
Economic Chamber of the CRhttp://www.komora.cz
 Czech-Polish Chamber of Commercehttp://www.opolsku.cz
 British Chamber of Commercehttp://www.britishchamber.cz
 Association of Building Entrepreneurs​http://www.sps.cz
 Confederation of Industry of the CRhttp://www.spcr.cz/
 Association of Textile, Clothing and Leather Manufacturershttp://www.atok.cz
 Association of Glass and Ceramics Industryhttp://www.askpcr.cz
 Association of Advertising Agencieshttps://www.acra-mk.cz/
 The Chamber of Tax Advisorshttp://www.kdpcr.cz
 Union of Accountantshttps://www.svaz-ucetnich.cz/
 Chamber of Auditorshttp://www.kacr.cz
 Czech Management Associationhttp://www.cma.cz
 Automotive Industry Associationhttp://www.autosap.cz
Fairs and ExhibitionsList of fairs and exhibitionshttp://www.veletrhyavystavy.cz/
 Brno Trade Fairs and Exhibitions (BVV)http://www.bvv.cz
 Exchange Rateshttp://www.cnb.cz
 Finanční noviny (Financial News)https://eng.kurzy.cz/
 The Praque Stock Exchange (PSE)http://www.pse.cz
 Real time market data from PSEhttp://www.akcie.cz
General financial informationhttp://www.finance.cz

Odkaz na BI: https://www.businessinfo.cz/navody/prehled-zahranicnich-obchodnich-komor/

  • Portal of the Public Administration 

 Portal of the public administration of the Czech Republlic 

  • The Europe Network 

The Enterprise Europe Network is an extensive network providing information and advice to entrepreneurs through its local partners. 

Europe Network 

Enterprise Europe Network – contact points – Czech Republic 

  • CzechInvest 
  • AFI 
  • Services 

SOLVIT provides entrepreneurs with quick and practical help where they face problems doing business abroad as a result of incorrect application of EU market rules by public authorities. 


  • CzechPoint 
  • Trade register 
  • Tax authority 
  • MZV 
  • MPO