Establishment of a Permanent Business

In the Czech Republic, you can either be self-employed (what is known in Czech as “OSVČ, osoba samostatně výdělečně činná”), providing services on the basis of your trade licence or a different permit/concession, or you can set up a company/branch and provide services through this organisational unit.

Foreign and domestic entrepreneurs must acquire the necessary permits and licences, prove their professional qualifications and abide by professional codes of conduct.

Most services in the Czech Republic fall within the category of trades, which are governed by the Trade Licensing Act. Furthermore, some services are governed by different laws known as special or sectoral legislation.

Conducting a trade in the Czech Republic requires a trade licence; you have to undergo an application procedure through the Trade Licence Office. The core of the application is the Single Registration Form (SRF). The application may be handed in at any Trade Licence Office or submitted remotely, by mail or electronically (if you have a verified e-signature or via BankID).

You may also hand in the application at one of the 15 Points of Single Contact located at selected Trade Licence Offices

If you want to practice an activity or profession which is not a trade, you need to obtain a concession or a permit governed by sectoral legislation. These are issued by the relevant authorities (usually a ministry or a chamber of commerce) responsible for regulating the particular activity. You may also complete all forms and procedures through the Czech Points of Single Contact.

Trades are either regulated or unregulated. For an unregulated trade, there are no requirements in terms of professional qualifications.

The application for a trade licence or concession consists of the following documents:

  • completed Single Registration Form, including the relevant annexes
  • criminal record certificate
  • copy of ID or passport
  • if the trade is regulated, you have to attach evidence of professional qualification (documents attesting to the applicant’s education, expertise, certificates, etc.)
  • receipt of payment of the CZK 1,000 administrative processing fee
  • if you are self-employed, you have to attach a declaration of consent by the owner of the premises where the trade will be practised

For detailed information on obtaining a permit, concession or a licence in 180 selected regulated activities in the Czech Republic (including all the required forms), please consult our Step-by-Step Guidelines.