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Legal notice for users of portal.

The ( website (hereinafter referred to as „Site“) has been designed to serve as the main public website aimed at business and export promotion. The Site provides data of informative nature to local entrepreneurs (focused on small and medium-sized businesses) in legal, economic, export, tax and other areas related to business activities.

The operator of the Site is Czech Trade Promotion Agency (CzechTrade) with its registered office in Prague 2, Štěpánská 567/15, 120 00 (hereinafter referred to as „Operator“), a governmental pro-export agency and state-funded organisation administered by the Ministry of Industry and Trade..

Any future users will use the Site at their own risk; and by using the Site, they accept the binding rules relating to the operation of, access to and use of the Site specified below. The Site may not be used by a person unwilling to follow these rules, and the Operator invites such a person to discontinue the use of the Site.

  • Any and all information published on the Site, unless obtained from other information sources and is specified as such, is the intellectual property of the Operator. The Operator reserves the right to exercise the copyright relating to the Site, to publish, distribute and update the Site while respecting the rights of authors to be specified as authors of the published information;
  • The Operator is the owner of the registered trademark BusinessInfo;
  • Information published on the Site is for general guidance only and does not create any legal or other liability for the published data in respect of the correctness, completeness, integrity and up-to-datedness thereof; although the Operator strives to keep all the data on the Site up-to-date and correct, the Site publishes information coming from various information sources, which is updated at various times according to its importance;
  • The Site also contains data gathered from reliable sources such as news information provided by news agencies (e.g. ČTK (Czech Press Agency) or Newton Information Technology) under relevant agreements made with the above-mentioned agencies defining the methods for publishing agency news while the provided information remains the intellectual property of the agencies, and the Operator is not liable to any Site user in case any such information published on the Site is found to be incorrect, untrue, obsolete, incomplete or otherwise defective and the use thereof might cause damage to the user;
  • The Operator of the Site is not liable for any potential damage arising from or relating to the use of data or services published through the Site or due to partial or complete failure of the Site; the Operator does not guarantee the possibility of the users to access the Site, and the Operator is not in any way liable for any damage incurred by any user due to the impossibility to access the Site;
  • If legal regulations are published on the Site, the Operator expressly advises the users that the only authorised and authenticated wording of the legal regulations is the wording published in the printed form within the Collection of Laws (Sbírka zákonů), where the current/amended wording of the relevant legal regulation is the only valid and effective wording;
  • In case the author of a text liable for such content published on the Site remains unspecified, such document is deemed prepared directly by the Operator or in collaboration with relevant ministries and other state administration bodies;
  • The Operator of the Site is neither liable for the truthfulness, content or form of any advertising banner published on the Site nor for obligations of persons whose offers might be included in the advertising banner;
  • The Operator expressly reserves the right to amend, complement or remove any part of the Site at any time and in any extent or manner;
  • Data published on the Site are up-to-date at the moment of the first publishing thereof or the moment of updating, and therefore, the Operator recommends that the users always check the up-to-datedness of data presented on the Site; the Operator is not liable for the up-to-datedness of data and information published on the Site;
  • The Operator cautions the users of the Site against using electronic mail (email) to send confidential information that is subject to relevant legal regulations or that the Site user wishes not to disclose to unauthorised persons;
  • The Operator reserves the right to demand some form of personal identification from future users under Act No. 101/2000 Sb., referring to the relevant general and legally binding regulation;
  • Use of documents or data published on the Site for personal use is permitted; however, the use of documents or data published on the Site for the needs of third parties, regardless of whether such use is free of charge or subject to fees, is only permitted upon prior written consent of the Operator;
  • The Operator hereby prohibits any third persons from processing, amending or interfering with the Site’s content. It is also prohibited to interfere with the technical design of the Site.

Any breach of the above rules will entitle the Operator to take relevant legal actions or measures permitted by the legal code of the Czech Republic relating to the protection of rights and property interests of the Operator in respect of a person who uses the Site and fails to respect the rights set for the operation of, access to and use of the Site.

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