FAQ – Legal Information

Basic information on the developments in the Czech legal system. This document provides advice on how to keep abreast of changes in the Czech legal system, where to find various legal regulations, model contracts and contact details of competent institutions and lawyers.

How to keep abreast of the development of the Czech legal system?

A detailed overview of the current legislation is available on the official site of the Collection of Laws or the site of the Laws for the People non-profit project. The Czech version of the BusinessInfo.cz also provides a basic overview of the new amendments and regulations. However, the aforementioned sources are only available in Czech.

For basic business purposes in English, the PwC tool – Tax and legal alerts – helps users to stay informed about the latest business-related changes in the Czech legal environment.

Where to find trade regulations on consumer protection for specific products, such as baby toys?

There is no unified source of the full-text regulations available online. Various regulations and their wording can be found on the official websites of the Czech ministries (state departments). For consumer protection regulations, go to The Czech Trade Inspection Authority (CTIA) website. The organization is an administrative government institution which falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

Where to find trade regulations on ecolabeling, e.g. for fruit packaging?

Ecolabelling distinguishes products and services with a reduced impact on the environment throughout their life cycle. The only organization which mediates the ecolabels (eco-friendly product/service and EU Ecolabel) on the Czech market is CENIA – Czech Environmental Information Agency.

Where to find trade legislation on environmental protection?

The Czech Ministry of Environment provides information on environmental legislation. The particular legal regulations are available on its website, under the Legislation section. It provides a list of regulations and a short description.

How to find the competent institution for the arbitration of contractual problems between a Czech company and a foreign trade partner?

The Arbitration Court is an institution associated with the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic and the Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic. In the course of its existence (since 1949), more than 15,000 disputes (mainly in international trade) have been resolved by the arbitrators. The rules and other materials are available free of charge at the seat of the Court or the regional court branches (in Czech, English, German and Russian).

Who to contact for information on foreign business lawyers or on how to practice law in a foreign country?

The Czech Bar Association is a self-administrative professional organization of lawyers performing legal services. The provision of legal services under the Legal Profession Act means representation before a court of law and other authorities, defense in criminal cases, granting legal advice, drawing up legal papers, processing legal analyses and other forms of legal aid if carried out systematically and for a fee. The site provides a database of lawyers which can be filtered by several criteria: name, field of specialization, town, company, and language.

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