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Basic information on the state and development of the Czech legal system. This document provides advice how to keep abreast with the changes of the Czech legal system, where to find different regulations and legislation, model contracts and contact info on competent institutions and lawyers.

How to keep abreast with the development of the Czech legal system?

This is a difficult task even for a Czech user. The legislative process in a country undergoing economic transition brings many changes, which is quite hard to monitor regularly. For business purposes there is a PwC tool – Tax and legal alerts that enables users to stay informed about actual changes in the Czech legal environment with a focus on business.

Where to find trade regulations on consumer protection on a given product, e.g. baby toys?

As it has been mentioned before there is not a single point where full texts of regulations could be obtained online. Various regulations and their wording can be searched within the official websites of the Czech ministries (departments of state). Consumer protection regulations can be found at the website of the Ministry of Health under the headline of „Health legislation“. The site does not offer a searchable database; there is a list of regulations and acts with short descriptions.

Where to find trade regulations on ecolabeling, e.g. for fruit packaging?

The Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing provides a database with legislation focused on technical standardization, metrology, testing and tasks related to the harmonization of the Czech technical regulations and standards with the technical regulations of the European Union.

Where to find trade legislation on environmental protection?

The Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic provides information on environmental legislation. Legislative regulations can be found under Legislation. There is a list of regulations with a short description.

How to find model contracts, e.g. a model agency contract, or a drafting guide that a Czech firm/lawyer could use and/or amend for its own needs?

The Juris International legal web services contain some model contracts, which can be also used in the Czech Republic. A model of contract can be easily found within the headline „Contracts: Models and drafting“. One can search within the list or in a simple search form.

How to find a comprehensive picture of what international conventions on trade has the Czech Republic (not) ratified and where to find the text of these conventions?

Again the most easy way is to go to Juris website where one can check under the „International Legal Instruments“ whether the Czech Republic has ratified a given international convention or not.

How to easily find whether the WTO agreements provide for rules concerning a specific business related issue, e.g. customs valuation?

Again the Juris International website seems to provide very good results and moreover quite easy to find. From the main menu one can choose „WTO: Agreement, index, business guide“. The displayed index of commonly used terms contains the term „Customs valuation“.

How to find a competent institution for the arbitration of contractual problems between a Czech company and a foreign trade partner?

The Arbitration Court is an institution associated with the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic and the Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic. In the course of the lasting existence (since 1949) of the Arbitration Court more than 7.000 disputes (largely from the sphere of international trade) have been adjudged by the arbitrators. The Rules as well as other informative materials are available free of charge at the seat of the Court or the regional court branches (in Czech, English, German, French and Russian).

Whom to contact in order to obtain information on foreign business lawyers or on how to practice law in a foreign country?

The Czech Bar Association is a self-administrative professional organization of lawyers performing legal services. The provision of legal services under the Legal Profession Act means representation before a court of law and other authorities, defence in criminal cases, granting legal advice, drawing up legal papers, processing legal analyses and other forms of legal aid if carried out systematically and for a fee. The site provides a database of lawyers. The database can be searched by several criteria: name, field of specialization, town, company, and language.

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