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Basic information on the Czech market – where it is possible to acquire various kinds of country or market reports, specialized agencies and other data related to the state and development of the Czech market.

Where to find country reports or market guides on the Czech Republic?

Country reports and market guides on the Czech Republic can be found in several international and also some national online sources. Countryreports contains a substantial number of country reports including the Czech Republic. General data are extracted probably from the US CIA factbook and enriched by up-to-date news from the Czech magazines.

A very comprehensive market guide to the Czech Republic is provided by the CzechInvest, the Investment and Business Development Agency. The site is very well structured and through FAQs guides the visitor through general data about the Czech economy, business support measures, labor costs, regulations, taxation, customs system, property market, transport infrastructure and other useful general market information. Also a PwC Business Guide provides a very good overview of the Czech Republic profile, duties, taxes, export, import, business entities, human resources and investment incentives.

How to find a market report on the Czech market for a given product, e. g. building materials?

The Strategis web site www.strategis.gc.ca is a good source to start searching market reports about specific products. When looking for „building materials“ one can follow the main menu: Analyses, Market reports. Other way of getting the same or even better results can be through the advanced search (within the given Country) combined with listing.

Another good source for a specific market product information, although rather statistically oriented, can be the site of the Czech Statistical Office. Building materials and other industrial sectors can be found within the menu under the heading of „industry and Construction“. Some introductory sector-specific market reports can be found at Doingbusiness.cz. The site also contains other useful information about the Czech Republic, such as economic indicators, territorial analyses and contacts to administration bodies.

How can I check if specialized trade promotion agencies have published sector-specific market reports on the Czech market and at what cost?

The first step is to find the list of trade promotion agencies which can be done via the ITC website at www.intracen.org. The databases can be checked in order to get lists of both Czech national trade promotion agencies or other foreign trade promotion agencies. A simple list of European Trade Promotion Organizations can be found at www.wk.or.at. Foreign trade promotion agencies can serve as a valuable source of market reports on the Czech market. It is advisable to start with English speaking countries like UK, Ireland or Australia. (UK: www.uktradeinvest.gov.uk, Ireland: www.enterprise-ireland.com, Australia: www.austrade.gov.au).

How to find the rates of advertisements in major newspapers, TV, radio and other massmedia?

The rates of advertisement can be found either by checking each of the single title of a newspaper, TV channel or radio station. This is a rather time consuming task and sometimes the website is not in English. Media agencies can be a time saving solution but not all of them would offer a detailed list of advertisement rates of newspapers and other mass media because it is their business to act as an intermediary; the media agencies´ primary focus is to attract a client who would later order their services. The Czech Publisher Association provides links to and information about printed newspapers and magazines.

Media Master is one of the premium media agency in the Czech Republic. It provides complete services for public TV, broadcasting providers and newspaper. At www.media-master.cz one can find the services provided but also information about advertisement in TV channels, printed newspapers and radio stations. Media Master can also be approached with an enquiry regarding Internet marketing and advertisement.

How to find a marketing, advertising or PR agency in order to market or advertise a specific product in Czech massmedia?

The Association of Public Relation Agencies is a primary sources for information about companies providing PR services (also marketing and advertising). The website www.apra.cz offers a database where one can find an agency according based on various criteria: range of services (printed media, TV media, events…), language, industry sector, income fee and number of employees. The Association of Czech Advertising and Communication Agencies at www.acra-mk.cz provides a list of 45 Czech agencies with other useful information about the advertising market.

How to obtain free online bulletins on the Internet about the Czech economy?

The NEWTON Media is the largest multinational Central European company monitoring the media market. It provides full texts of all information from newspapers, magazines, news programs of television and radio stations, agency news and Internet in electronic form. Free e-mail bulletin can be subscribed free of charge directly from the home page www.newtonmedia.eu.

How to obtain regular information in English from different local periodicals on a given Czech industry?

Paid service of Newton media prepares individual digests of relevant information, the so-called monitors, for individual clients in agreed periods from its electronic archive that is updated daily. One-time monitoring from historical data can be prepared for clients. Their retrospective dates all the way back to 1993 according to type of the monitored media. One can choose by period, field of interest and quantity of articles/reports sent by e-mail. The price of a monthly review is 170 EUR, a weekly report 210 EUR.

How to identify and retrieve references and full text articles on the development of the Czech market?

Apart from the Czech News Agency other references can be obtained from the Prague Tribune. The Prague Tribune site offers some summaries or analytical texts which can help to understand the latest development of economy and the business environment.

Where to obtain useful information to prepare a business trip to the Czech Republic?

Czech travel guide (www.czech-travel-guide.com) provides comprehensive information whether one wants to find an accommodation in Prague or rent a car for travelling around the beautiful Czech countryside. The site offers information and also recommendation to other commercial sites about travel, accommodation, business trips, tickets, culture. Some general travel facts and tips (maybe not for purely business purposes) can be found at Lonely Planet World Guide site www.lonelyplanet.com The site of Factbook (www.factbook.net) provides very valuable information about business behaviour in the Czech Republic.

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