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Basic information on the Czech market – lists of various kinds of country or market reports, specialized agencies and other data related to the developments on the Czech market.

Where to find country reports or market guides on the Czech Republic?

Country reports and market guides on the Czech Republic are available at several international and national online sources, e. g., CIA World Factbook or  World Bank’s Doing Business.

A comprehensive market guide to the Czech Republic is provided by the Association for Foreign Investment (AFI). A separate guide can be found at CzechBusinessGuide.com. The site is well structured and guides the visitor through general data about the Czech economy, first steps, business support measures, regulations, taxation, property market, a list of prospective industries and other useful market information.

How to find a market report on the Czech market for specific products, such as building materials?

A good source for specific market product information, although rather statistically-oriented, is the Czech Statistical Office website. Several preliminary sector-specific market reports can be found at the corresponding sections of the CzechBusinessGuide.com site.

How to check if specialized trade promotion agencies have published sector-specific market reports on the Czech market, and at what cost?

The first step is to find the list of trade promotion agencies which is available at the ITC website at Intracen.org. There you will find lists of Czech national trade promotion agencies and other foreign trade promotion agencies.

Foreign trade promotion agencies can serve as a valuable source of market reports on the Czech market. It is advisable to start with English-speaking countries, like the UK, Ireland or Australia. For example, for UK: www.UktradeInvest.gov.uk, Ireland: www.Enterprise-Ireland.com, or Australia: www.Austrade.gov.au.

How to find the rates of advertisements in major newspapers, TV, radio and other mass media?

The advertisement rates can be found by checking individual newspaper, TV or radio outlets. This is a rather time-consuming task, and their websites are not always in English. Media agencies can help speed up the process, but not all of them offer a detailed list of advertisement rates of newspapers and other mass media because it is their business to act as an intermediary; the media agencies’ primary focus is to attract a client who will later order their services.

Key associations include Association of Online Publishers (www.AsociaceOnlineVydavatelu.cz, only in Czech), Czech Publishers Association (www.UnieVydavatelu.cz, only in Czech) and ABC ČR – Audit Bureau of Circulations (www.abccr.cz).

How to find a marketing, advertising or PR agency in order to market or advertise a specific product in Czech mass media?

The Association of Public Relations Agencies is a primary source of information about companies providing PR services (also marketing and advertising). The website of Association of Public Relations Agencies (apra.cz, only in Czech) offers a database where you can search for an agency based on various criteria: range of services (printed media, TV media, events), language, industry sector, income fee and number of employees. The Association of Czech Advertising Agencies and Marketing Communication (www.acra-mk.cz, only in Czech) provides a list of several Czech agencies with other useful information about the advertising market.

How to obtain regular information in English from different local periodicals on specific Czech industries?

The paid services of Newton Media or Monitora prepare digests of relevant information, known as monitors, for individual clients for agreed time periods from data collected from their electronic archives updated daily. Clients may also ask for a one-time monitoring service using historical data. The archives of these services date back to 1993 according to the type of the monitored media. You can filter the data  by period, field of interest and quantity of articles/reports sent by e-mail.

How to find and retrieve references and full-text articles on the development of the Czech market?

An extensive range of these services is provided, for example, by the Czech News Agency (CTK).

Where to obtain useful information on how to prepare for a business trip to the Czech Republic?

The Czech Tourism Office (CzechTourism), which works under the Ministry of Regional Development, operates an extensive website with practical travel and tourism information about the Czech Republic. It is available at www.VisitCzechRepublic.com.

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