FAQ – Trade Contacts

Information on trade contacts and institutions – where to find potential Czech suppliers and trade fairs, addresses and profiles of trade promoting institutions, and how to contact specific companies of your choice.

Where can I find the names of subcontractors who can manufacture molds for plastic injection and plastic (SMC) compression based on drawings supplied by the customer?

We recommend to visit the exporters.czechtrade.cz website where you can enter your demand. You can also use the Czech Business Partners Search. This online database is an exclusive service provided by CzechTrade, a government agency managed by the Czech Republic’s Ministry of Industry and Trade. This service is offered free of charge to all foreign entrepreneurs looking for new suppliers in the Czech Republic.

How to find a Czech company selling a specific product, such as kitchen furniture?

The internet database at the www.Inform.cz online catalog is a good starting point if you are looking for companies within a specific sector or a product group. You can also use the databases on the www.Dodavatel.cz, ABC.cz or European Databank (EDB) sites.

How to find the address and contact information of a specific company in the Czech Republic?

If you know the company’s name, registration number, city or tax office, you can search for it in ARES. The database is operated by the Czech Ministry of Finance.

ARES provides access to official data on economic entities and companies. This source is a valuable tool for checking whether a company legally exists in the Czech Republic. The search result integrates data and links of all source registers (Commercial Register, Trade and Craft Register, Register of Economic Entities, Excise Duty and VAT payers, and Securities Center). Since the source registers are not always available in an English version, ARES is useful for basic search forms.

How to find a Czech company looking for a supplier of specific products, such as wooden building materials?

CzechTrade is an official agency specializing in credible sales leads (inquires) from abroad. To obtain quick results reviewed by the staff of the CzechTrade agency, fill in the Czech Business Partner Search form.

How to find a Czech company exporting a specific product, such as wooden furniture?

If you are looking for a wooden furniture exporter, you can start your search at the Czech Exporter’s Directory. Another option is to look for relevant Czech companies within the databases mentioned above.

Where to find the times and organizers of trade fairs on textile and fashion in Brno?

The AUMA website offers a database of trade fairs by scrolling down and clicking on the “worldwide” icon. You can filter your search by category (textile and fashion), city (Brno) or country (Czech Republic).

Where to buy specific products from Czech companies on the Internet?

Many Czech companies have an online presence via e-shops; however, these are available mainly to Czech-speaking customers. Current trends in the e-commerce segment are monitored, for example, by The Association of Electronic Commerce (APEK).

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