Unqualified trade – obtaining trade licence step by step

No professional competence is set as a condition for carrying on an unqualified trade; an entrepreneur must only meet the general conditions for conducting trades.

Anyone complying with general requirements for carrying on a trade and notifying the trade at a trade licence office may pursue an unqualified trade. General provisions to be met are as follow: the age of 18 and more, competence to perform legal acts and a good character of the entrepreneur.

The group of unqualified trades consists of a whole range of activities.

If you doubt the trade to be unqualified do not hesitate to contact any trade licence office.

Notification of unqualified trade

Notification is submitted:

  1. at any trade licence office
  2. via public administration contact points (the so-called Czech POINT) – in Czech only
  3. electronically, via the information system provided by the Register of Trade Business – in Czech only

Notification form:

Notification may only be submitted using the so-called Single Registration Form.

Conditions for pursuing a trade + notification requisites and appendices

An authorisation to carry on a trade comes into effect on the day of the notification or on the later day stated in the notification.

The business can be conducted provided all the above stated requirements are met.

Related information:

If you have any questions, you can contact Points of Single Contact (PSC) set up at 15 municipal trade licence offices in all regions.

More information on PSCs.

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