Content of Unqualified Trades by Field of Activity

The content of unqualified trades by field of activity is included in the Annex no. 4 of the Government Decree no. 278/2008 Coll.

Fields of activity classified as unqualified trades


1. Provision of services for agriculture, horticulture, fishing, forestry and hunting

The provision of services by non-agricultural entities for farmers using agricultural technical equipment, particularly seasonal work and the treatment of plant commodities after their harvest. The operation of irrigation systems and land-improvement facilities. Garden and park landscaping (in particular the pruning of crowns of trees and other plants, planting flowers, care of lawns and cutting trees in parks and orchards), except for architectural adjustments. Making wreaths and bouquets. Picking mushrooms and flowers. Sheep shearing, treatment of hooves of cattle and small ruminants. The provision of services for fish farming and fishing. Services related to forest cultivation, logging and the transport of wood, particularly the gathering and storage of wood and its transport along forest paths and other roads to a storage point or distribution area, provided this is connected with the extraction, gathering and storage of wood in the forest. The provision of services related to forestry protection. The provision of hunting services, which means in particular the provision of trapping equipment to move trapped or dead game, services for the production (stripping, cleaning, cutting, etc) of skins and furs from dead animals and the production of hunting trophies, the artificial breeding of small game, provided this is not carried out as part of the performance of hunting rights and the game is not farmed. Other similar activities.
The trade does not cover professional forest management activities, the production of forest management plans or handling the reproductive material of forestry plants.

2. Professional forest management and production of forest management plans and outlines

Providing a professional level of forest management, monitoring the condition of the forest, providing consultancy services to forest owners, notably in respect of protection, logging, regeneration and tending of forestry strands, and recommending the methods and deadlines to take necessary measures in forest management. Granting approvals and issuing opinions and comments on activities where this is required by forest management legislation. Commenting on applications by forest owners for grants and cooperation in the preparation of forestation projects. Production of draft forest management plans and their changes and revisions of draft forest management plans on the basis of opinions from public administration authorities.
Production of draft management outlines and their changes. Other related activities.

3. Diagnosis, testing and consulting related to the protection of plants and the treatment of plants, plant products, structures and soil against harmful organisms by means of plant protection products or biocidal products

Detection and diagnosis of harmful organisms, plant products and damage caused to plants as a result of physical and chemical factors, monitoring the occurrence and development of organisms harmful to plants, including prognostic activities and determining optimum timing for protective measures, concepts for integrated plant protection for agricultural business establishments. Advisory activities on methods to combat harmful organisms, including the provision of information on the economic efficiency of plant treatments. The treatment of plants (vegetation) against harmful organisms and disorders of abiotic origin (land spraying of preparations using a tractor or self-propelled sprayers, spraying from aircraft, spraying from backpack pumps, seed disinfection in seed dressers, watering plants with prepared solutions, etc.), treating plant products against diseases and disorders of abiotic origin (spraying wood against pests, treatment of grain with a pest prevention preparation when storing it or on detecting their presence, treatment of potatoes to prevent sprouting, etc.), treatment of buildings against organisms harmful to plants and plant products (treatment of empty potato stores before the potato harvest, treatment of grain silos after cleaning, treatment of seed stores, etc.) and treatment of the soil (embedding granular preparations into the soil to combat soil pests and diseases, etc) products to protect plants or biocidal products.

4. Handling of the reproductive material of forestry plants 

The picking and collection of the reproductive material of forestry plants for the purpose of placing it on the market. Placing reproductive material on the market, i.e. offering the reproductive material for sale, its sale or supply to a third party, including the supply under an agreement to provide services, or any other method of transferring the right to handle reproductive material to another person during the course of business, the import for the purpose of selling or the provision of samples of genetic resources and other related activities.

The trade does not cover the transfer of the right to handle reproductive material if this is the first transfer of such right from the owner of the source of the reproductive material to another person and if neither the owner of the source nor his/her employees participate in the production and handling of the reproductive material in connection with such transfer, and if it is to be used for a purpose other than forest regeneration and forestation.

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5. Animal breeding and training (with the exception of animal production) 

The breeding of dogs, cats and other small animals as pets, the breeding of zoo and laboratory animals and the sale of animals from these breeding activities. The training of dogs and other small domestic animals for purposes other than artistic performances. The training of saddle horses or the training of horses for purposes other than artistic performances. The operation of hotels, shelters and other similar facilities caring for animals. Clipping and other cosmetic treatment of small domestic and other animals. Other activities related to the breeding of domestic and zoo animals.

The trade does not cover animals used for breeding, animal dressage, veterinary activities and the operation of zoological gardens.

6. Treatment of minerals, extraction of peat and mud 

Additional treatment of minerals that have already been refined and extracted, such as the processing of brick and ceramic clays, the production of bituminous mixtures from previously crushed stone. Processing of rock salt for food and non-food purposes, in particular the preparation of brine, the grinding, cleaning and refining of salt. Processing of materials for porcelain production. The extraction and treatment of peat and the production of peat briquettes. Extraction of mud from the bottom of ponds and other similar activities.

The trade does not cover the extraction of minerals (with the exception of peat) nor the treatment and refining of these materials in connection with their extraction.

7. Manufacture of food and starch products 

The manufacture of food products through the processing of plant and animal raw materials and the manufacture of food supplements, adjuvants and auxiliary substances for food intended for human consumption, in particular the processing of poultry, rabbits, game, fish and aquatic creatures, eggs, honey, fruits, nuts, vegetables, including the manufacture of pure juices and concentrates from fruits and vegetables, the processing of potatoes and mushrooms, the manufacture of edible fats and oils, sugar and natural sweeteners, cocoa power and mixtures of cocoa and sugar, sweets, chocolate and chocolate confectionery, the processing of rice and beans, coffee, tea and spices, the manufacture of food supplements, adjuvants and auxiliary substances, and foodstuffs for special nutritional purposes (children’s food, baby food, gluten-free, slimming and low-protein diets, etc), fermented vinegar and yeast, pasta, muesli and mixtures of cereals, canned and dehydrated products. The manufacture of soft drinks, the bottling and processing of bottled water and the production of other beverages. The production of wines, fruit wines and mead. The manufacture of starch, starch-based foodstuffs and other starch products, mainly dextrin and starch adhesives, hydrolysed and modified starches for impregnation, hardening and other non-food purposes. The production of meals not intended for direct consumption in catering facilities.

The trade does not cover the processing of meat from large and small slaughter animals, apart from poultry, rabbits and game, the processing of meat to produce ready-to-cook cuts and meat products, the processing of grain to make flour and other milling products and the processing of milk and the production of dairy products, the manufacture of bakery and confectionery products, ice-creams, fermented alcohol, spirits or alcoholic beverages produced by cold methods and beer.

8. Fruit distillation  

The production of fruit distillates for fruit producers in distilleries.  

9. Manufacture of feed, compound feed, additives and premixtures 

The manufacture of feed, compound feed, additives and premixtures for livestock. The manufacture of feed, additives and premixtures (granules, mixes, cans, etc.) for domestic animals and food for birds, aquarium fish and other animals.

The trade does not cover the manufacture of industrial raw feed for livestock from agricultural primary producers (forage, hay, feed grains, etc).

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10. Manufacture of textiles, textile products, clothing and clothing accessories 

The manufacture of textile yards through the treatment and spinning of cotton fibres, wool fibres, chemical fibres and other textile fibres (flax, jute, hemp, vicuna, paper, etc.), the spooling and treatment of silk, the spooling and shaping of synthetic and artistic yarns, the manufacture of sewing thread. The manufacture of cotton, wool, silk, flax, jute, man-made fibres and other fabrics. The manufacture of bed linen from various fabrics, baby blankets, household and table textile products, in particular quilts, pillows and sleeping bags, household linens (blankets, curtains, draperies, hangings, mats, etc.), textile products (tablecloths, towels, dusters, tarpaulins, tents, bags from textile materials, parachutes, banners, flags etc.) and haberdashery, carpets and textile floor coverings, ropes, cordage, netting (fishing nets, ropes, anchor ropes, etc.), non-woven textile materials including impregnated, knitting of crocheted fabrics, coated fabrics and other textiles (cord fabrics for tyres, conveyor belts, waddings, etc). The manufacture of outer clothing (including formal clothing) made from woven, knitted and crocheted fabrics and materials, both industrially and custom made. The manufacture of work and protective clothing, lingerie, hosiery, leather garments and clothing accessories (from leather or imitation leather), hats and clothing accessories, hats, caps and sports and leisure clothing (tracksuits, ski clothing and other sportswear). The manufacture of fur garments, accessories, blankets, rugs and other articles from fur, artificial fur and products thereof. The manufacture of knitted clothing, clothing accessories and other hand or machine knitted goods, the manufacture of crocheted clothing, accessories, blankets, curtains and other goods. Embroidery, bobbin lace making, macramé and other manual processing of textile materials. Application of decorative elements on clothing and accessories. Textile painting, batik dyeing and other artistic treatment of textiles and the related manufacture of clothing and other products from these materials. Tailoring services.

The trade does not cover the manufacture of orthopaedic garments, clothing accessories and textile goods, the finishing of textiles (dyeing and chemical treatment), the spinning and weaving of asbestos fibres and glass fibre production or the processing of leather and furs.

11. Manufacture and repair of footwear, saddlery and harness products 

Manufacture and repair of bags, briefcases, handbags and similar luggage from leather, imitation leather or other materials, provided the same technology was used as for the manufacture from leather, non-metallic watch bands and other products from leather or imitation leather (drive belts, seals, etc), saddlery, shoes and shoe parts. The dyeing of these leather products.

The trade does not cover the manufacture of orthopaedic equipment, leather clothes, leather tanning and the manufacture of orthopaedic shoes.

12. Wood processing, manufacture of wooden, cork, straw and plaiting products 

Sawmill production (cutting and machining of wood and similar materials in sawmills), the manufacture of wooden railway sleepers, unlaid floor coverings, wood wool, briquettes from sawmill products, shingles etc. The drying, impregnation or chemical treatment of wood using preservatives and similar products. The operation of wood drying chambers.

The production of veneers, plywood and agglomerated wooden products, wooden packaging boxes, cartons, pallets or wooden cargo boards, barrels, vats, pipes and other cooperage products, wheelwright products, wooden reels for cables and other small wooden articles (wood holders and handles for tools, shoe lasts, wooden kitchen products, spindles, etc). The processing of natural cork and the production of goods from natural agglomerated cork. The production of plaited straw and products thereof (mats, doormats, etc). The production of basketry and wickerwork. Activities connected to the artistic processing of wood to create wooden products (statues, ornaments, marquetry, cases, cabinets, etc). The production of wooden architectural models for various purposes.

The trade does not cover construction carpentry, furniture making, even making furniture to order, or the manufacture of wooden toys and jewellery.

13. Manufacture of pulp, paper and paperboard and of goods made of those materials 

The manufacture of bleached, unbleached and semi-bleached paper pulp, the production of pulp from waste paper, the manufacture of paper and paperboard (including coating covering and impregnating paper and paperboard), cellulose wadding, corrugated paper and packaging materials from paper and paperboard, household goods, sanitary and toilet paper products, paper supplies for offices and schools, wall coverings (including plastic coated wallpapers and textile wallpapers), furniture and other goods made of paper and paperboard (filter paper, paper and cardboard spools, etc).

The trade does not cover the production of games, toys and playing cards from paper and paperboard.

14. Publishing, printing, binding and copying 

Activities connected with the publication of newspapers, magazines and other periodicals, books and brochures, music and music manuscripts, photographs, postcards, dictionaries, telephone directories, maps, atlases, posters, advertising catalogues, prospectuses, diaries, calendars, forms and other printed material. Editorial work over the Internet. Proofreading and technical editing. All types of printing production. The use of all printing techniques, in particular letterpress, gravure, offset printing and lithography. Traditional or newly introduced technologies for the production of newspapers, magazines, books, cartographic works, posters, envelopes, notes or other printed materials on appropriate machinery and equipment. Bookbinding, laminating, standard xerographic work. The reproduction of print templates using copying machines or computer printers (including scanning), printing on various materials using print pads, etc.

The trade does not cover the copying of software and audio and audio-visual recordings, or the publication and recording of audio and audio-visual recordings.

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15. Manufacture, reproduction, distribution, sale, rental of audio and audio-visual recordings and manufacture of blank data and recording carriers 

The manufacture and reproduction of audio and audio-visual recordings, in particularly activities associated with the procurement of original phonograms and recordings of audio-visual works for the commercial exploitation of these copies. The activities of publishers of audio recordings and producers of audio-visual works and other films. The distribution, sale and rental of audio and audio-visual recordings, the manufacture of blank carriers of data, audio and audio-visual recordings, personal magnetic cards and other blank data media.

The trade does not cover the provision of computer software and the manufacture of paper.

16. Manufacture of coke, raw pitch and other solid fuels 

Activities associated with the manufacture of coke, raw pitch from black coal, brown coal and other solid fuels (such as charcoal).

This trade does not cover the manufacture of chemical substances and chemical mixtures.

17. Manufacture of chemical substances, fibres and preparation, and cosmetic products 

Manufacture of chemical substances and mixtures or items, such as plastics, synthetic rubber, paints, dyes or pigments, detergents, chemical substances and mixtures for laboratory purposes. The manufacture of synthetic filament yarn, filament tow, simple fibres, including tough and highly textured yarns, monofilaments, fibres, staple fibres, cables, pads and strips of cellulose and natural polymers containing nitrogen and other man-made fibres. The processing of basic organic and inorganic raw materials, intermediate products and auxiliary materials in the manufacture of intermediate products and individual types and forms of solid and liquid cosmetic products, their modification and refinement using various technological and heating methods. Cosmetic preparations are substances or mixtures defined in the directly applicable European Union legislation regulating cosmetic preparations, such as soaps, bath products, hair shampoo, hair colourings, facial and body creams, toothpaste, shaving products, decorative cosmetics, perfumes, sunbathing preparations, nail polish and nail polish remover, hair styling preparations and products for external intimate hygiene.

The scope of activities do not allow for relevant development activities and the laboratory analysis of chemical substances and mixtures for the production of cosmetics. The trade does not cover the manufacture of hazardous chemical substances and chemical mixtures or items, fuels and lubricants synthetic and fermentation spirits, drugs and fertilisers.

18. Manufacture of fertilisers 

Activities associated with the manufacture of mineral, organic and organic mineral fertilisers, soil conditioners, auxiliary plant preparations and substrates.  

19. Manufacture of plastic and rubber products 

The manufacture of semi-finished and finished plastic products (plastic plates, blocks, foils, profiles, films, hoses, tubes, artificial food coverings etc), plastic packaging, plastic construction products (doors, windows, shutters, facings, flooring, sanitary conveniences, etc), plastic utensils and other goods for household and similar use, plastic toilet, office and school supplies, clothing parts, mechanical parts formed from plastic, the manufacture of plastic furniture and plastic furniture fittings, etc. The cold-production of rubber products.

The trade does not cover the manufacture of primary forms of plastics or the processing of rubber mixtures by vulcanisation or the manufacture of plastic toys, sports equipment, medical and dental instruments and equipment.

20. Glass manufacture and processing 

The manufacture of tempered or laminated flat glass, glass mirrors, laminated insulating glass elements, hollow, container, utility, lighting and decorative glass, glass fibres, including glass wool and glass yarn, glass products for laboratory, technical and sanitary use, watch-glass, optical glass, glass insulators, rods, tubes, etc. Painting utility soda potash or lead glass, colouring the surfaces of glass with lustres and glazes, coating glass surfaces with enamel, and their subsequent firing in kilns. Laser processing of glass.

The trade does not cover glass polishing, etching or engraving.

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21. Manufacture of building materials, porcelain, ceramic and plaster products 

The manufacture of ceramic products for sanitary purposes, non-refractory ceramic tiles, wall tiles, mosaic tiles, floor tiles, non-refractory construction materials made from baked clay (bricks, roofing tiles, chimney pipe attachments, pipes, shaped floor tiles), earthenware for construction, cement (clinker, hydraulic cement, slag cement, phosphate, aluminosis, etc), quick lime, plaster, powder mortar, concrete building elements, cement or artificial stone products, plaster products for construction purposes, transport concrete, building materials made from asbestos or from plant substances bound with cement or plaster, or other mineral bonding agents, items made from cellulose fibre cement, etc. The manufacture of refractory cement and refractory ceramic goods (fire-proof ceramic goods made from quartz sand, fire bricks, blocks, ceramic retorts, crucibles, mouflon, tubes, ceramic jewellery, toys, etc), electrical insulators and their parts, laboratory, chemical and industrial ceramic products, ceramic vessels used for the transport and packaging of liquids and other ceramic products for technical use. The manufacture of household and decorative porcelain, ceramics, pottery and plaster products, the decoration of porcelain and ceramics.

The trade does not cover the working of natural stone.

22. Manufacture of abrasive products and other non-metallic mineral products 

The manufacture of millstones, sharpening and polishing stones from natural or artificial abrasive materials (including soft-based abrasive products) and the manufacture of fibres, fabrics, clothing, protective helmets, shoes, lines, cordage, ropes and felt from mineral materials, mineral insulation materials made from slag wool, rock wool and similar mineral wools, wool vermiculite, expansive clays and similar heat insulating materials, sound insulation or sound-absorbing materials and items made from various mineral substances (processed mica and products from mica, peat and graphite for other then electrotechnical use).
The trade does not cover the production of glass wool or work involving the manual and machine working of natural and artificial stone (for construction purposes, cemeteries, roads and other purposes).

23. Technical and jewellery stone cutting 

Cutting technical and precious stones, in particular the chipping, cutting, grinding and polishing of natural and synthetic precious and technical stones. Making special cuts following a design or a prototype.

The trade does not cover work associated with the working of natural stone (for construction and similar purposes) and jewellery work associated with the setting of jewellery stones.

24. Production of iron, precious metals, nonferrous metals and their alloys 

Production of pig iron, cast iron, pig iron for steel, sponge iron (in pieces, granules, etc), steel production in converters, electric and open-hearth furnaces and other methods, high-carbon ferromanganese, Spiegel in basic shapes and cast iron. Production of hot and cold-rolled steel products from ingots, in particular wide and narrow strips, plates, sheets, foils, wires, rods, profiles and sheet piles, rails and other railroad products. The production of cast iron and steel pipes and tubes using all types of metallurgical technology, the production of fittings, welded steel tubes and pipes and steel tube joints. The production of forged bars and profiles. The production of steel wire by drawing or cold stretching. Other metallurgical processing of materials, in particular the production of ferro-alloys, iron powder and granular iron, material for the railway track, metal sands for sandblasting. The production of precious metals (the production and refining of gold, silver, platinum, etc), the production of metallurgical products and intermediates from precious metals. Silver plating of base metals, plating base metals or silver with gold, plating gold, silver or base metals with platinum (or metals from this group). The production of precious metal alloys for technical, jewellery and dental purposes, including the preparation of the raw materials, smelting and refining, the production of intermediates by hand or machine casting in moulds and the subsequent mechanical and thermal processing, operations and laboratory diagnostics, including determining the purity of alloys. The production of aluminium and aluminium alloys and steel products and intermediates from aluminium and its alloys and aluminium oxide. The production of lead, zinc, tin and copper from ore and electrolytically treated waste and scrap, the production of alloys from these metals and products and intermediates from these metals and their alloys. The production of chromium, manganese, nickel and other non-ferrous metals from ore, oxides or electrolytically, aluminothermically cleaned waste and scrap, alloys of these metals and metallurgical products and intermediates from these metals and their alloys. The production of nickel mattes.

25. Manufacture of metal structures and fabricated metal products 

The manufacture of metal parts and structures for industrial use (for blast furnaces, lifting and handling equipment), the manufacture of metal parts and structures for construction and prefabricated building parts mostly produced from metal, metal doors, windows and their frames, shutters, blinds, gates etc. The manufacture of pressurised vessels, tanks and containers from metal, including metal containers for compressed or liquefied gas, heating units and central heating boilers, generators using water steam and other steam, auxiliary equipment for steam generators (condensers, superheaters, steam collectors and accumulators), and reactors. The manufacture of cutlery (kitchen utensils, razors, razor blades, knives, work and pocket knives etc), mass-produced hand tools (pliers, screwdrivers, saws etc), smith’s tools (hammers, mallets, anvils, etc), agricultural hand tools and hand tools for the construction industry, the mass-production of keys and locks, small metal containers (tins, cans, tubes etc, metal caps), wire products (metal cables, strips, barbed wire, wire mesh, grilles, netting, fabric, nails, etc), coupling parts (rivets, washers, bolts, screws with nuts, nuts), springs and chains. The manufacture of metal household goods (pots, pans, metal table utensils, metal kitchen appliances, small metal gadgets and small metal utensils, etc), metal sanitary products (bathtubs, spouts, sinks, etc), small metal goods for office use, decorative metal articles, mass-produced safes, safety cabinets, armoured doors, metal connectors, buckles, hooks, poppers, tables with references, ladders, stairs, cages, baskets, shopping carts, etc. The manufacture of metal furniture.

The trade does not cover the installation, repair and reconstruction of dedicated pressure equipment, boilers and pressure vessels and dedicated lifting equipment, nor does it cover the production of tools and fixtures for production engineering.

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26. Artistic and craft working of metals 

Artistic activities, using traditional, special and mainly manual technologies (such as metal foundry work, ironmongery, blacksmithing and locksmithing arts, metal chiselling and chasing, bell casting, belt making, armoury, medal engraving and hand metal engraving and pewtering,) for artistic forging of metals to create individual metal objects such as bells, sculptures, liturgical objects, helmets, shields, official chains, medals and badges, candlesticks and historical pots.

The trade does not cover the manufacture of jewellery, gems, ornaments and hand-wrought products from precious metals, nor their combination with base metals.

27. Surface treatment and welding of metals and other materials 

Individual methods of heat treatment of metals (hardening, annealing, etc) and other methods of surface treatment of products, in particular sanding, sandblasting, basic surface protection of products, covering metal items with non-metallic materials, heat and plasma spraying of metallic and non-metallic materials. Various technologies involving the fusion and pressure welding of metals and other materials.

The trade does not cover the chemical and electrochemical treatment of metal surfaces by dipping in metal plating baths, nor technologies related to the development and application of an enamel suspension and firing the glass or ceramic coating in an enamel kiln.

28. Manufacture of measuring, testing, navigation, optical and photographic instruments and equipment 

The manufacture of finished or unfinished optical items (in particular, lenses, optical mirrors, polarisation elements, optical fibres and cables made from these for the transmission of images or for lighting them), optical instruments (in particular, optical microscopes, equipment for microphotography and microprojection, magnifying glasses, binoculars), photographic and cinematographic equipment, etc. The manufacture of measuring, testing and navigation equipment, measuring instruments, standard measures, working gauges specified (by the Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing) for mandatory verification, certified reference materials and other reference materials, if these are intended for use as standard measures or specified or working measuring equipment. The manufacture of non-specified measuring equipment.

The trade does not cover the manufacture of corrective eyewear.

29. Manufacture of electronic components, electrical equipment, and the manufacture and repair of electrical machinery, applicances and electronic equipment powered by low voltage 

The manufacture of electronic components, in particular hot and cold cathode tubes or photocathode tubes or screens, television screens, camera tubes, electronic convertors and microwave tube multipliers, receiving and amplifying valves and tubes, diodes, transistors, thyristors and similar semiconductor devices, semiconductor devices sensitive to light, including photocells, mounted piezoelectric crystals, installed electronic circuits and microcircuits, monolithic integrated circuits, hybrid integrated circuits and electronic microsets in cast circuits, micromodules, printed circuits, electric capacitators and resistors, including rheostats and potentiometers. Manufacture of low and high voltage switchboards and electrical equipment for the switching and protection of electrical circuits, or for connecting to or within an electric circuit (in particular, switches, fuses, voltage limiters, current surge absorbers, outlets, plugs, sockets and control panels). The manufacture of wires, cables, plates and other insulated conductors with terminated or non-terminated connectors, optic fibre cables for the transmission of encoded data for telecommunications, video, etc. The manufacture of primary cells and batteries. The manufacture of antennas. The manufacture and repair of electrical machinery and appliances and electronic equipment operating on AC voltage below 50 V or DC voltage below 75 V. The manufacture of electronic accessories, in particular for motor vehicles and machines.

The trade does not cover the installation of electrical equipment, the manufacture of electrical machinery and equipment operating on AC voltage of more than 50 V or DC voltage of more than 75 V, or the manufacture of telecommunications equipment and electrical toys.

30. Manufacture of nonelectric domestic appliances 

The manufacture of non-electric domestic appliances, in particular the manufacture of non-electric appliances for household cooking and heating purposes (non-electric space heaters, kitchen ranges, stoves, water heaters, cooking equipment, heated plates, etc).

The trade does not cover the construction of fireplaces, tiled and historical stoves.

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31. Manufacture of industrial machinery 

The manufacture of combustion engines and their parts (with the exception of aeroplane, automobile and motorcycle engines), boat engines, engines for locomotives, stationary engines and their parts, steam, gas and water turbines, water wheels and their regulators, blowers and exhausts, compressors, pumps, equipment with hydraulic or pneumatic drives or wind powered engines, closing and regulation parts of piping (taps, valves, slide valves), outlet piping and heating fixtures. The manufacture of bearings and their parts, equipment for the transmission of rotary motion (shafts, pins, plain bearings), gearboxes and other types of speed transmission equipment, clutch and transmission shafts, flywheels, joint coupling, chains, hydraulic transmission equipment, etc. The manufacture of ovens and industrial and laboratory drying chambers, burners, incinerators, mechanical feeding equipment, grates, ash unloaders. The manufacture of manual and motorised lifting, handling, loading and unloading equipment, lifts, hoists, cranes, mobile lifting frames, work trucks fitted or not fitted with lifting or other handling equipment, self-propelled or not, used for workshop transport, mechanical manipulators or industrial robots specifically designed for lifting, handling, loading and unloading conveyors, liquid elevators, lifts, escalators or moving staircases. The manufacture of industrial cooling and freezing equipment, air conditioning equipment, heat exchangers, ventilators, equipment for dispensing and spraying liquids or powders (water cannons, fire extinguishers, sandblasting and steam cleaning machines). The manufacture of filtering and cleaning equipment, packing and packaging machines (filling, closing, shaping, sealing, capping, marking and similar equipment), machinery for cleaning or drying bottles and for the carbonation of beverages with carbon dioxide, equipment for distillation or rectification in oil refineries and in the chemical or beverage industries, gas generators, calendering and other rolling machines and cylinders for them, centrifuges, vending machines and similar equipment. The manufacture of equipment for amusement parks and other means of mass entertainment (roundabouts, swings, shooting galleries, etc). The manufacture of tractors and small tractors used in agriculture, horticulture and forestry and other machinery for agriculture and forestry (especially mowing machines, self-loading and unloading machines, trailers and semi-trailers, agricultural machinery for soil treatment, crop planting or fertilisation, harvesting and threshing machines, milking machines, sprayers for agricultural use, machinery for poultry farms, bee keepers, feed mixing, cleaning, the grading and marking of eggs, fruits, seeds and similar equipment). The manufacture of machine tools (especially cutting tools for machining equipment, including machinery using lasers, ultrasound and electric power, machine tools that do not extract material, machine tools for producing nails, wire stitching, gluing, machines for welding, hard and soft soldering, the manufacture of clamps, tool holders and special equipment for machine tools, mechanical tools powered by their engine or pneumatic drive), machinery and equipment for metallurgy (in particular machinery and equipment for handling molten metals and rolling mills and rollers for them), machinery and equipment for the chemical industry, construction and mining machinery (continuous action elevators and conveyors, drilling, cutting, excavation and tunnelling equipment, machinery for the processing of minerals, their sifting and sorting, the manufacture of concrete and mortar mixers, machinery for removing soil, pile drivers and pile extractors, mortar syringes, spar sprinklers, machinery for concrete surfaces, blades for bulldozers, etc), machinery and equipment for the food industry and for processing tobacco (in particular, agricultural dryers, machinery for processing milk and cheese production, industrial machinery for grain milling, presses and crushers for the production of wine and fruit juices, machinery for the baking industry, non-electric bakery ovens, mixers, dough carvers, machinery and equipment for processing meat, poultry, fish, fruit, nuts and vegetables, machinery for the manufacture of confectionery, cocoa, chocolate, sugar and beverages, for the extraction and processing of fats and oils, machinery and equipment for breweries, machinery for the preparation of food in restaurants), machinery for the textile, garment and leather industry (in particular, textile machinery, auxiliary machinery for the textile equipment fleet, machinery for the processing of fibres, machinery for industrial laundries, sewing machines, needles for sewing machines, machines for the processing of finished fur or leather products, tanning machines), machinery for the paper industry (in particular, machinery for the preparation of paper pulp, equipment for the production of paper and cardboard, machinery and equipment for products from paper and cardboard), machinery and equipment for processing rubber, plastics and products from these materials, machinery and equipment for book printing, stitching and binding, machinery and equipment for the production of tiles, bricks, moulding boards and other special machinery and tools. The manufacture of equipment for the disposal of radioactive waste.

The trade does not cover the manufacture of pressure equipment, the manufacture of household appliances and devices and the manufacture of electrical appliances and devices.

32. Manufacture of motor vehicles and their trailers and bodies 

The manufacture of passenger vehicles and lorries, buses, trolleybuses, tractors and special vehicles, engines for motor vehicles, other motor vehicles (in particular, vehicles for travelling on snow, amphibious vehicles, fire vehicles, cleaning vehicles, mobile libraries, etc). The manufacture of trailers. The manufacture of parts and accessories for motor vehicles and the manufacture of bodies, including cabs for motor vehicles, external equipment for all types of motor vehicle (including towing vehicles), trailers, low-bed trailers and shipping containers. The manufacture of driving boxes for railway vehicles and boxes for railway cars, bodywork machinery for various branches of the industry etc. Activities associated with the manufacture of motorcycles, mopeds and other two-wheeled vehicles, motorcycles with sidecars, parts and accessories for motorcycles.

33. Design and manufacture of vessels 

The construction and production of ships, small vessels, yachts, floating machinery, floating equipment (such as floating landing stages, floating garages) etc.

The trade does not cover the manufacture of amphibious vehicles, boat engines and the manufacture of navigation equipment.

34. Manufacture, development, design, testing, installation, maintenance, repair, modification and structural changes to aircraft, aircraft engines, blades, aircraft parts and equipment and aviation ground facilities 

The manufacture, development, design, testing, installation, maintenance, repair, modification and structural changes to aircraft, aircraft engines, blades, aircraft parts and equipment intended for use in civil aviation and aviation ground facilities pursuant to a special legal regulation.

35. Manufacture of rail traction units and rail vehicles on tramway, trolley-bus and cableway tracks, and railway fleets 

The manufacture of electric and diesel rail locomotives, self-propelled railway and tram cars, funicular railway cars, railway and tram rolling stock without its own drive (in particular passenger, freight and cistern wagons, self-unloading cars and wagons, workshop and crane wagons and tenders). The manufacture of specialised parts for railway and tramway locomotives and rolling stock (in particular chassis, axles and wheels, brakes and parts for them, hooks and connecting elements, bumpers) and similar devices.

The trade does not cover the manufacture of electric engines, engines and turbines, electric signalling and traffic control equipment, unassembled rails, etc.

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36. Manufacture of bicycles, wheelchairs and other non-motor vehicles 

The manufacture of non-motor bicycles and other wheeled vehicles without engines, medical equipment – carts for invalids with and without engines, wheelchairs for the disabled, hand barrows, wheelbarrows, luggage trucks, hand-driven dog-carts, wagons drawn by animals and other non-motor vehicles. The manufacture of parts and accessories for non-motor vehicles and motorised invalid carts.

The trade does not cover the manufacture of bicycles with auxiliary engines, the manufacture of children’s tricycles and other wheeled toys.

37. Manufacture and repair of upholstered products 

The manufacture of upholstered furniture (in particular upholstered seats, armchairs, sofas and tabourets) and the manufacture of frames for mattresses. Custom-made production of upholstered furniture and upholstery for finished furniture or its part, doors and building interiors, making curtains and draperies, including their placement in interiors and other decorating activities. The upholstery of seats and interiors of vehicles. Repairs of upholstered products.

The trade does not cover the manufacture of wooden furniture and the custom ordering of the manufacture and repair of wooden parts of chairs, seats, etc.

38. Manufacture, repair and maintenance of sport products, games, toys and prams and pushchairs 

The manufacture, repair and maintenance of sports products and equipment (in particular balls, racquets, bats, clubs, skis, bindings, poles, sledges, bob-sleighs, products for sports fishing, hunting products, climbing gear, sporting gloves, skates, bows and large and small crossbows), equipment for gymnasiums and athletics facilities, flying facilities for sports purposes, scuba diving breathing apparatus. The manufacture, repair and maintenance of dolls and their clothing, toy animals, household toys, mechanical toys, in particular toy trains, toy cars, wheeled toys to be ridden, tricycles, toy musical instruments, products for amusement parks, table and board games, playing cards, models, electric trains, construction sets, jigsaws, electronic games, etc. The manufacture, repair and maintenance of prams and strollers for dolls.

This trade does not cover the manufacture of sports clothes, shoes, helmets, saddlery and harness products, orthopaedic equipment, arms and ammunition, boats and sporting vessels, bicycles and sports cars.

39. Manufacture of medical devices 

The manufacture of medical devices, in particular electrical diagnostic devices, mechanical therapeutic aids, massage devices, apparatus for psychological testing, respirators, gas masks, hearing apparatus, pacemakers, syringes, needles, mirrors, reflectors, endoscopes, the manufacture of medical and veterinary equipment (operating tables, dentist chairs, etc).

The trade does not cover the manufacture of prostheses, body ortheses, limb ortheses and soft bandages, spectacles and contact lenses, thermometers and other measuring instruments.

40. Manufacture and repair of sources of ionising radiation 

The manufacture of radionuclide sources, which are substances or objects that contain radionuclides. The manufacture of equipment that contains a radionuclide source and during the operation of which radionuclides are produced. The manufacture of equipment that, when operated, generates ionising radiation with energy levels greater than 5 keV.

41. Manufacture of school and office equipment, except paper products, the manufacture of costume jewellery, brooms and brushes, made-up articles, umbrellas, souvenirs 

The manufacture of pens and pencils, cartridges for pens and pencils, stamps, hand printers and labelling machines, printing kits and other school and office supplies. The manufacture of jewellery and ornaments from ordinary metals, glass, wood, leather and other materials. The manufacture of brooms and brushes, small mechanical brooms, mops and feather dusters, brushes, paint rollers, paintbrushes etc. The manufacture of clothes fasteners (buttons, poppers, zips, sewing products etc), walking sticks, umbrellas, parasols, awnings, blinds, except for wooden blinds, etc. The manufacture of matches, cigarette lighters, pipes, combs, vacuum bottles, flasks, candles, artificial flowers, the manufacture of souvenirs and decorative items, etc.
The trade does not cover the manufacture of office paper, school exercise books and luggage.

42. Manufacture of other manufacturing articles 

Manufacture of other manufacturing articles.

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43. Operation of water supply and wastewater services, and water treatment and distribution 

A set of activities to ensure supplies of drinking water or the collection and treatment of wastewater for both public and public use, in particular the operation of facilities for the collection, treatment and transport of drinking water including the handling, collection, treatment and discharge of wastewater, management of operational documentation, operational and billing calculations, monitoring of the operational viability of the water and sewerage systems, the preparation of documents to calculate rates for water and sewerage and other related activities. Activities related to the collection, treatment and distribution of service water.
The trade does not cover property management or the development of water supply and sewerage systems.

44. Waste management (except dangerous waste) 

Activities associated with the gathering, concentration, collection, purchase, sorting, transport, storage, treatment, recycling and disposal of waste, with the exception of hazardous waste. It also encompasses the transportation of human waste in sewage trucks. 

45. Preparatory and finishing work, specialised construction activities 

Landscaping for the building and around the building and preparatory work for construction, particularly earthworks and landscaping in connection with the construction activities, excavating work, preliminary drilling to obtain supplementary information for building documentation, draining building sites, technical reclamation (use of concealed soils, landscaping, dumps, spoil banks, including preparing the land for biological remediation, modifying the water regime, ameliorative measures) and so on. Activities associated in particular with finishing work, treatment and rehabilitation work, carried out without direct ties to the construction activities themselves, in particular wallpapering, laying textile floor coverings, insulating windows and doors, installing canopies, roller shutters, blinds, anti-sun foils, cleaning the house facades with hot steam and sand, panel joint sealing and other similar work. Specialised construction activities, in particular well work (cleaning and disinfecting wells, installation of pipelines, entailing the boring of wells up to 30 m deep, unless they are for a hydrogeological survey, equipping the well with pipes, reconstruction of the well surface, source pits from prefabricated discharge outlets, capturing and draining sources through pipes, intercepting surface leakages by concreting, etc), tiling work (laying tiles for the service roads etc), piping work, firebrick work, including bricking industrial furnaces, lining chimneys and other similar activities. Performing scaffolding work (the assembly and disassembly of scaffolding and working platforms). Activities associated with minor demolition work and cleaning work at construction sites.

The trade does not cover earthworks that are mining activities or extraction activities, or building demolition under the Building Act. Neither does the trade cover bricklaying, carpentry, roofing, stove fitting, tiling, stucco, painting, varnishing and coating work, work with plasterboard and other work that is the subject of vocational trades, nor laying timber, parquet, tongue and groove, cork, mosaic, coated or poured floors.

46. Glazing, framing and mounting 

Glazing work, including glazing, picture framing, fitting glass for cabinets and tables, the preparation and framing of mirrors, etc. Mounting.

47. Intermediation in trade and services 

Mediation services for the purchase and sale of movable assets, including any commercial transactions at the expense of others or on behalf of others. Mediation services in the transport sector (traffic control room, etc.), in the area of craft work (such as locksmiths and plumbers emergency services, etc.), mediating building societies, mediating loans (e.g. for business purposes), foreign study visits (e.g. language courses, au-pair work) and mediating other services. The activities of agents or agencies representing other persons for the purposes of obtaining parts in feature films, theatrical performances, concerts or other types of artistic and entertainment show, searching for publishers and producers of books, plays, works of art, etc.

The trade does not cover mediating the purchase and sale of property, mediating the purchase and sale of cultural monuments and items of cultural value, brokering activities in the insurance sector and relating to the receiving and transmitting instructions concerning investment instruments, the procurement of consumer loans, job placement, the activities of mediators and arbitrators of collective disputes, the collective management of copyright and rights relating to copyright, mediating the sale of tours and other tourism services, freight brokerage (forwarding) etc.

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48. Wholesale and retail trade 

Activities related to the purchase and sale of goods for the purpose of their resale to other business activities (wholesale) and activities related to the purchase and sale of goods for the purpose of their direct sale to consumers and the sale of these goods (retail). The operation of filling stations, ensuring the operation of filling stations in compliance with safety, fire environmental regulations and Czech technical standards, and the provision of retail consultancy services in relation to goods sold.

The trade does not cover the purchase and sale of cultural monuments or items of cultural value, property, livestock sold by their breeders, animals for hobby breeding, firearms and ammunition, explosives, security material, toxic and highly toxic substances and mixtures, fermented spirits, consumer spirits and alcohol, audio and audio-visual recordings, used goods, with the exception of used vehicles, the distribution of drugs, the distribution of fuels, the activities of pawnbrokers and neither does the trade cover the operation of filling stations for compressed gas to power motor vehicles.

49. Pawnbroking and retailing in secondhand goods 

The provision of loans against collateral and any subsequent sale of the mortgaged goods (pawnbroking), the purchase of used consumer goods, antiquarian books and other printed materials and other used goods for the purpose of their resale and sale (retail trade in second-hand goods).

The trade does not cover the sale of mortgaged items that are cultural monuments and items of cultural value, animals used in hobby breeding, etc, toxic or highly toxic substances, drugs, security material, firearms, ammunition, pyrotechnic products etc. Neither does the trade cover the purchase and sale of property, cultural monuments or items of cultural value, used motor vehicles, used firearms, security materials, etc.

50. Maintenance of motor vehicles and accessories 

The cleaning and routine maintenance of motor vehicles, consisting of the protection of these vehicles against the effects of the weather, in particular the operation of car washes, the surface repair of bodywork using filler and sanding, the replacement of windscreens, car windows and car body sealing elements. Cold tyre repair and mounting tyres, wheel balancing, the replacement of operating fluids, the installation of accessories and similar activities. The installation, repair, servicing, testing and inspection of LPG equipment to power motor vehicles and other similar activities.

The trade does not cover repairs to road vehicles and repairs to other transport equipment and industrial machinery (in particular repairs to mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical assemblies and sub-assemblies), the repair of vehicle bodywork and tyre repair involving vulcanisation.

51. Transport via pipelines and land transport (except rail and road motor transport) 

The transport of crude oil, other products or other consignments via pipelines. The transport of persons by carriage and other non-motorised forms of transport, the transport of freight by drawing and other non-motorised forms of transport, the transport of loads by carrier, including the transport of furniture and household accessories when moving house, the transport of consignments by messenger, and other related activities. The transport of persons in ski lifts. Transport using unconventional means.

The trade does not cover activities involving the distribution of gas and thermal energy, the operation of postal services and international postal services, or activities involving the carrying out of repairs, inspections, overhauls and tests of ski lifts.

52. Storage, packaging of goods, cargo handling and technical activities in transport 

The loading and unloading of rail cars and containers, ship cargo, the transshipment of loose and bulk cargo regardless of the mode of transportation. Cargo handling using cranes or forklift trucks. The operation of cargo scales. The storage of all types of goods. The mechanical packaging of goods, the manual assembly of packaging, the hand packaging of goods and other similar activities. Technical activities relating to the transport of persons, animals and goods, in particular the operation of unsupervised parking lots and garages, ensuring and implementing road markings, the verification of transport routes for extremely heavy and bulky items and the use of vehicles whose dimensions or weight exceeds the limits set out in other legal regulations, logistical services (searching for optimal transport routes) and other activities.

53. Forwarding and representation in customs procedure 

Handling the transport of goods from one specific location to another specific location, where either the location from which the goods are transported or the location to which they are transported, must be on the territory of the Czech Republic, and related activities, in particular the conclusion of contracts of carriage of goods to the agreed destination, the provision of documents (bills or waybills), ensuring the loading and storage of consignments, escorting consignments and dealing with transport claims. Representing parties in proceedings for customs approval on the basis of a mandate in the form of direct representation, where the representative acts in the name of and on behalf of the person represented. Completion, validation and submission of customs declaration for the release of goods from bond, or the submission of requests for another form of customs approval together with the necessary documents and the provision of the necessary level of cooperation with the customs office in connection with the submission of customs declarations or requests.

The trade does not cover the actual transport of goods.

55. Accommodation services 

The provision of accommodation in all accommodation facilities (e.g. hotel, motel, campsite, hostel) and in residential buildings, houses or family recreation centres. Where accommodation is provided in residential buildings, houses or family recreation centres with a capacity of up to 10 beds (including extra beds), breakfast is provided for the guests.

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56. Provision of software, information technology consulting, data processing, hosting and related activities and web portals 

The provision of use (through sale and rental) and software implementation. The copying of computer programmes. Advisory services in the area of hardware and software. Advisory services in the area of communications and computer networks. Data processing using software, in particular the complete processing of data, services for data input, management and control of the activities of data processing equipment, or other methods of data processing. Activities relating to the operation of databanks (the compilation of databases, data collection, data storage, preparing computer records for the required information, selection of data from databases, allowing users to access data, sorting data according to requirements, etc). Network administration, virus removing software and other computer related activities. Webhosting and other related activities.

The trade does not cover the sale and repair of hardware.

57. Activities of information and news agencies 

Activities of information and news agencies, including the provision of support administrative activities related to their operation.

The trade does not cover radio and television news of the activities of journalists in the sense of using the results of the intellectual creative activities of their originators and authors.

58. Real estate services, facility management and maintenance 

The purchase of property for resale, the sale of property, mediating the purchase, sale and rental of properties, flats and commercial space. Management and basic maintenance of properties for third parties, in particular the administrative management of the proper operation of the property, caretaking activities, the cleaning of residential and commercial premises, the cleaning of building interiors and exteriors, window cleaning, street cleaning, etc.

The trade does not cover the offer of short-term accommodation for people in accommodation facilities, in houses, apartment houses and family recreation centres. Neither does the trade cover the cleaning of exteriors of buildings with steam, sand, etc, repairs and maintenance of properties requiring special craftsmanship or special vocational qualifications (such as the repair of lifts, masonry, tiling, roofing, plumbing or electrical work, dry cleaning of carpets and textiles).

59. Leasing and loaning of movables 

The leasing of movable assets, with the subsequent purchase of the leased assets (financial leasing, etc). The lease and loan of movable assets, in particular unmanned vehicles (passenger and freight vehicles, bicycles, etc), unmanned machinery and equipment, consumer goods, clothing, sporting goods, technical household appliances. The leasing of horses (for working, sports and similar purposes) and other animals, particularly farm animals, without assistance.

The trade does not cover property rentals, provision of consumer credit, the leasing of serviced movable assets, the loaning of arms, ammunition and security material, software rental, the loaning of audio and audio-visual recordings and webhosting.

60. Guidance and consulting activities, production of expert studies and opinions 

Technical advisory services in the specified area of activity, in particular in construction and architecture, machine engineering, metallurgy, energy (e.g. the activities of an energy specialist), the chemical, food, textile and clothing industries and other industries, agriculture and forestry, advisory services in financial matters (making loans, capital improvements, etc), business activities, organisational and economic issues in business affairs, in planning, organisation, control, management and the like. The provision of technical assistance, expert opinions, advice, recommendations and opinions on the preparation and implementation of construction activities. Assessing the impact of the proposed construction, any modifications and environmental changes from its use, operations and technologies, which entails the processing of a documented study assessing the environmental impact of the construction, its operations or technologies. The assessment will include in particular findings, a description and an evaluation of the expected direct and indirect impacts of the construction, its operations or technologies on climatic conditions, and ambient air, surface and groundwater, the soil, the geological environment, the use of the land, protected areas, flora, fauna, the functionality and stability of ecosystems, the population, consumption of natural resources, cultural heritage, the environment in municipalities and towns, comparing the proposed alternative solutions and selecting the best, proposing measures and conditions that eliminate or reduce the anticipated adverse impacts or enhance the positive impacts of the construction, operations and technologies, assessing the situation in the absence of any construction, operations or technologies. Preparation of expert opinions on air protection and preparation of dispersion studies. Advisory activities in the area of social sciences (sociology, philosophy, history, demography, linguistics etc), in the area of social behaviour, personality development and the maintenance of physical fitness, make up, colour consultancy and speech therapy, with the exception of clinical speech therapy, etc.

The trade does not cover the implementation of technical activities, building design or implementation, technical and organisational activities in the field of fire protection, consulting services for plant protection, consulting services related to health and safety at work, tax and accounting advisory services or legal advice (in particular representing the interests of one party against the interests of another before a court or other legal institutions or under the supervision of lawyers or other court staff), psychological counselling.

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61. Land consolidation design 

A set of activities involving a range of disciplines leading to spatial and functional arrangements, particularly in terms of agriculture, and, as needed, forestry and other land as well, in order to establish conditions for rational land management, while taking into account the ecological needs of the countryside. The consolidation, or division, of land, ensuring its accessibility and equalising land boundaries, the settlement of ownership rights and related easements. Providing conditions for environmental improvements, for protecting and improving the land fund, water management and improving the ecological stability of the countryside. Processing the results of these adjustments to enable them to be used to renew the geodetic grid and as a basis for land use planning.

62. Preparation and production of technical designs, graphic and drawing work 

 The preparation and production of technical designs for machinery and technological equipment for different economic sectors, in particular construction activities in machine engineering, the processing of technological designs and projects of equipment for the chemical, metallurgical and food industries, as well as other industrial sectors, and for agricultural production, developing plans for fire protection equipment, and of operations and the distribution of computer networks. Developing graphic designs and the graphic editing of texts, including texts on projection foils, sketches, designs, and preparation of digital input data, the transfer of digitalised data from the database to processors and other graphic work. The preparation of technical drawings, sketches and websites. Calligraphy.

The trade does not cover design work for construction, land consolidation design, the design of aeroplanes, their parts and technical aviation products, electrical equipment or the development of firearms, ammunition, explosives and security material.

63. Design of electrical equipment 

Design and design management for dedicated electrical equipment in the field of electrical distribution systems, networks and installations, equipment intended to be directly connected to public electricity supply facilities and the connection of other dedicated and non-dedicated equipment for the generation, transformation and use of electrical power. Conceptual design, analysis and elaboration of circuit diagrams, technological and material budgets.

64. Research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences or social sciences 

Research and development in specified areas of the natural, technical or social sciences (in particular applied research and development, or R&D carried out on the basis of commissions from third parties, etc, where the freedom of the scientific research and the right to exploit the results of the intellectual creative activity remains unaffected). The carrying out of structural and historical research.

The trade does not cover research in the field of geological work, health care, including drug research, the development of weapons, ammunition, explosives, security material and aircraft technology.

65. Testing, measurement, analysis and inspections 

 Testing, measuring and chemical, physical and microbiological analyses of various areas of human activity, especially the operation of calibration services, the performance of hydrometeorological and meteorological activities, the chemical analysis of various materials, the microbiological analysis of food and water, radon measurements, a personal dosimetry service, assessing the properties of sources of ionising radiation, noise and vibration measurements, material testing and the like. Inspections of technical and sporting facilities. Activities that are metrological activities and for which an authorised organisation issues a document attesting to the results thereof, which is a public record. The protection and use of naturally occurring mineral water, gases or peloids, which have curative properties, in particular for the purposes of spa treatment and the production of bottled mineral water. Finding sources, ensuring hydrological supervision of the water source, monitoring the chemical, physical, microbiological and radiological properties of the source, its yield and its sanitary condition and monitoring compliance with other obligations stipulated in the permit to use the source. Measuring combustion efficiency in small air pollution combustion sources, checking the level of greenhouse gas emissions, making one-off emission measurement, measuring the pollution level, supervising the thermal processing of waste.

The trade does not cover tests of dedicated pressure, lifting and gas equipment or technical equipment in railway operations, the inspection and control of flue gas paths, testing of aircraft and aeronautical products, motor vehicle emissions measurements, the performance of surveying activities, plant protection diagnostic activities and the control testing of equipment used in plant protection.

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66. Advertising, marketing, media representation 

Processing and production of advertising concepts, different methods of dissemination of advertising, in particular its placement on outdoor billboards, broadcasting via the media, the Internet, the distribution or delivery of advertising materials and samples, procuring space for advertising and publicity, etc. Market research to identify sales opportunities, the suitability and prevalence of the products and the buying habits of customers for the purpose of promoting the sale and development of new products and the organisation of public opinion polls (collective public opinion on political, economic and social issues) and their statistical evaluation. Media representation.

The trade does not cover the printing of advertising materials.

67. Design and arrangement activities and modelling 

Activities associated with the production of fashion designs, in particular in relation to textiles, clothing, shoes, jewellery, furniture and the designs for all products. Designs for aesthetic interior arrangements for different occasions, designing shop windows, including the implementation of these designs and similar arrangement activities. Modelling activities.

68. Photographic services  

All methods of photography and all forms of processing and editing photographs using analogue and digital technology, the equipment and related techniques. The production of black and white and colour industrial, advertising, portrait, figurative and journalistic images. Processing photographs by hand or using machinery. Editing photographic images using retouching techniques, copying, shrinking and enlarging prints and slides in all formats, developing and adjusting developed films, colouring and preparation photographic solutions. Taking photographs in studios, artistic shots of interiors and exteriors on all types of photographic material. Washing, cleaning, drying, polishing, cutting, assembling and other modifications of prints and slides and photographic films. The operating of automatic photographic machines..  

69. Translation and interpreting 

Translations from one language to another for the purposes of tourism, international relations, trade negotiations and other commercial purposes. Interpretation from one language to another and interpreting to and from sign language for the purposes of tourism, trade negotiations, etc.

The trade does not cover interpreting to meet the needs of proceedings held before courts and administrative bodies, or in connection with the legal actions of natural and legal persons, or the translations of literary works as using the results of the intellectual creative activity of their authors.

70. Administrative services and services of an organisational and economic nature 

Services in the area of administration, in particular secretarial and similar services. Services of an organisational and economic nature, in particular the provision of credit and loans to non-banking entities from their own resources (e.g. for business purposes), the purchase of receivables, the receipt and payment of obligations, the assignment of receivables, operations heading towards insolvency, the provision of guarantees for bank loans for non-banking entities, the settlement of intercompany payables and receivables. The provision of services when acting as a contractor during calls for public tenders and other services of a similar nature. Technical activities involving the exercise of technical supervision, including entering the relevant records in the construction logs, cooperation with the author supervision of the designer and representatives of the future users and operators of the buildings and other related activities. The provision of certification services for electronic signatures (this entails performing the functions of a trusted third party in an electronic communication using an electronic signature, issuing certificates, which combine the data for verifying the electronic signature with the person signing and enable their identity to be verified, the retention of certificates, the revocation of certificates, the operation of a publicly accessible list of certificates issued and a list of certificates that have been revoked, keeping records of certificates issued, ensuring the operation of security systems and electronic signature instruments and the security procedures that support these systems and instruments, etc). The certification of quality management systems and the verification of the professional competence of staff.

The trade does not cover the provision or brokering of consumer loans, the activities of a building inspector or the design or construction of buildings.

71. Operation of a travel agency and guide services in the field of tourism 

The offer, sale and brokerage of the sale of individual tourism services and the organisation, offer and brokerage of the sale of combinations of individual tourism services, with the exception of sales of tours. Individual tourism services means, in particular, the provision of transportation, accommodation, meals, guide services, the sale and reservation of aeroplane tickets, the sale and reservation of rail and bus tickets, including seat reservations, the sale and reservation of boat tickets, including cabin reservations, the mediation of visa applications, the offer and sale of spa services for relaxation and convalescence purposes, the offer and sale of sporting activities for relaxation and convalescence purposes (such as horse riding, the rental of bicycles and other sports equipment, visits to fitness centres), the mediation and organisation of attendance at sporting and social events and the mediation of sales of other services related to recreation, leisure and professional and business negotiations. Accompanying groups of people or individuals and informing them in the language of their choice of the cultural and natural heritage of the country. The commentary will include information about the culture (historic, artistic, archaeological, folkloric, ethnological, gastronomical etc), the environment (geological, natural, climatic etc), the individual locations (historic, industrial, city centres, etc), places (museums, churches etc) and areas (tourist regions, districts, etc). The provision of additional essential activities relating to the accompaniment of a group of people or individuals, the management and control of the itinerary, creating the programme, the provision of basic information during the trip, including practical information concerning the place where they are staying and the provision of basic assistance to the persons accompanied.

The trade also covers the sale of items relating to tourism, in particular, tickets, maps, plans, timetables, printed guides and souvenirs.

72. Extra-curricular education, organisation of courses, training, including instructor services 

The education of children over the age of three in pre-school facilities, teaching in private schools and facilities for vocational training, provided these are not included in the register of schools and educational facilities. Other extra-curricular activities and education, extra classes for pupils and students, educational activities at holiday camps and other recreational events, in particular the management of these events, providing educational, relaxation and training programmes for participants at these events, supervision of children and the like. Teaching languages or sign language, teaching a musical instrument, art (painting, sculpture, art photography, etc), ballet, art dance, drama, mime etc. Social education and related lessons in ballroom dancing. The organisation of specialised courses specified in more detail (such as computer science, sewing, cooking and horticulture) and the organisation of seminars and training in different areas, in particular the organisation of courses and training, finding a location to hold the event, the preparation of materials and documentation for the training, employing instructors and the teaching activity itself. Conditional and advanced driving courses for driving licence holders, improving the professional competence of drivers. The training in the operation and control of technical equipment used for various purposes (lifts, fork lift trucks, ski lifts and other technical equipment). Courses in flying sports aircraft and vessels.

The trade does not cover teaching in schools, pre-schools and educational facilities that are included in the register of schools and educational facilities, education in bachelor’s master’s and doctoral degree programmes and life-long learning programmes pursuant to another legal regulation. Neither does the trade cover the supervision of children in families, the mediation and sale of tours, the provision of catering and accommodation services, nor the organisation of courses and training by entities established for that purpose pursuant to other legal regulations, firearms training, teaching people to drive motor vehicles and aircraft, the provision of physical education and sports services, the organisation of courses and training for schools and educational facilities included in the register of schools and educational facilities pursuant to other legal regulations. Neither does the trade cover training in the operation of technical equipment by the manufacturer in connection with the running of the equipment, or training in the operation of technical equipment operating in schools and educational establishments included in the register of schools and educational establishments.

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73. Operation of cultural, educational and entertainment facilities, organisation of cultural productions, events, exhibitions, fairs, festivals, sales and similar events 

The operation of theatres and concert halls, cinemas, audio-visual shows for the public, in particular organisational, advisory and technical activities. Ensuring the operation of these facilities. The operation of museums, in particular the collection of natural objects or human artefacts, the cataloguing of museum collections and presenting them to the public through permanent exhibitions and through themed exhibitions, cultural, educational, guiding and publication activities (publishing catalogues and promotional printed materials) and the sale of products relating to the collection itself and to the exhibitions, or to collections and exhibitions in other museums. The operation of galleries, in particular the collection of works of art, their professional treatment and presenting them to the public through permanent exhibitions and through temporary shows, cultural, educational, guiding and publication activities (publishing catalogues and promotional printed materials) and the sale of products relating to the collection itself and to the exhibitions or to collections in other galleries, and mediating sales of applied art works and selling them. The operation of botanical gardens. The operation of libraries, in particular the acquisition, preservation, protection and opening up of the library collection to the public and the provision of library information, the loan of documents, the provision of bibliographic and factual information and the related organisation of cultural and educational events. The operation of other cultural and cultural-educational facilities. The organisation of theatrical performances, concerts, film and audio-visual performances and variety shows, in particular public performances of theatre shows, concerts and audio-visual, variety and other productions on the same stage and as host to the most varied events of their kind. The organisation of film and audiovisual performances (screenings and accompanying events by the organiser of the film screening, unless this is the operator of the cinema). The organisation of dance parties and discotheques. The activities of an entertainer and disc jockey, hosting a range of cultural and social events. The activities of sound and lighting engineers, cameramen, production staff, costume designers and other support activities related to artistic performances. The operation and organisation of circus shows, variety shows and similar events. The operation of fairground attractions, amusement parks, pool halls, minigolf courses, bowling and skittle centres, provided they serve a commercial purpose, computer rooms, slot machines, stunt work and other facilities and events for entertainment purposes. The administrative and technical arrangements for the organisation of exhibitions, fairs, shows, sales and similar events.

The trade does not cover the operation of zoological gardens, theatres, museums, libraries and other cultural and educational facilities established pursuant to another legal regulation (carried out in accordance with the purpose for which they were built), the holding of auctions, the provision of other services in relation to the operation of the facility referred to above (the operation of bars, refreshments, etc), in addition to running the necessary social background (changing rooms, toilets, parking etc). Neither does the trade cover the activities of organisations established pursuant to other legal regulations and carried out in accordance with the purpose for which they were established, the activities of performing artists in the sense of an artistic performance or the training of animals. Neither does the trade cover the organisation of lotteries and other similar games, the operation of slot machines, or the production and printing of advertising materials.

74. Operation of physical education and sports facilities and organisation of sports activities 

Ensuring the operation of sports facilities and facilities for regeneration and reconditioning (e.g. athletic stadiums and ice rinks, gymnasiums, swimming pools, swimming baths and fitness centres, saunas) and their rental for immediate use by consumers for sporting and physical activities and for regeneration and reconditioning. Under the operation of the fitness facilities and regeneration and reconditioning facilities, activities relating to consultancy and the methodology behind the services offered can also be offered in addition to the activities referred to above. The organisation and holding of sports competitions and activities to support and promote sports. The activities of agents and agencies representing top athletes in order to ensure their participation in sports competitions, etc. The activities of top level athletes or referees, performed independently and for the purpose of making a profit.

The trade does not cover the provision of athletic services (training activities) or the activities of top amateur athletes.

75. Domestic washing, ironing, repair and maintenance of clothing, household linen and personal goods 

Household laundry, ironing and pressing of clothes, pleating, the repair of clothing and accessories, lingerie and hosiery, the repair, cleaning (except dry cleaning) and maintenance of household textiles, including carpets, cloth and other textile products. The activities of textile and clothing collection points for laundries and dry cleaners. The cleaning of quilts, raw wool, yarns and unwoven fabrics. The repair and storage of fur garments and fur accessories. The repair of umbrellas and parasols and the repair and maintenance of other personal goods.
This trade does not cover the dry cleaning of household lines and finished textile products and laundry services for wholesale customers.

76. Provision of technical services 

The provision of technical services and other similar services, in particular street cleaning and the maintenance of public spaces, road maintenance work, the generation and distribution of thermal energy not requiring authorisation pursuant to another legal regulation or not subject to a licence, the cleaning of boilers and pressure vessels, the inspection and lubrication of lifting equipment, diving work, working with machinery and mechanisms, gravedigging, simple preparation and assembly work, refilling of toner cartridges, activities associated with managing marketplaces, with the exception of security guards and other similar services. 

77. Repair and maintenance of household goods, items of a cultural nature, precision equipment, optical equipment and measuring devices 

The repair and maintenance of household goods, in particular the sharpening of knives, scissors and other tools for use in the home. The repair of mechanical sewing machines, mechanical typewriters and calculating machines, photographic, projecting and optical devices, the repair and maintenance of other mechanical machinery and equipment, primarily for households, including the repair of electrical and electronic machinery and equipment operating at voltages lower than 50 V AC or 75 V DC. The repair and maintenance of toys and children’s prams; the repair, maintenance and servicing of sporting goods and bicycles. The repair and maintenance of items from the widest range of human activities, documenting the historical development, cultural sophistication and lifestyle and social strata in society and intended in particular for consumer use, in order to ensure their future preservation. The repair and installation of meters, gauges and working gauges specified (by the Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing) for mandatory verification, certified reference materials and other reference materials, if these are intended for use as standard measures or specified or working measuring equipment. The repair and installation of unspecified meters.

The trade does not cover repairs of telecommunications equipment, the repair of motorised sports vehicles. Neither does the trade cover the restoration of works of art that are not cultural monuments or their part, but are deposited in the collections of museums and galleries, or are items of cultural value, and neither does the trade cover the restoration of cultural monuments or their part which are works of art or applied artworks.

78. Provision of personal and personal hygiene services 

The provision of services of a personal nature, in particular the work of dating and marriage agencies, astrologers, graphologists, fortune tellers and numerologists, the drawing up of family trees, the operation of cloakrooms, shoe cleaning services and other personal services. Escort services (hostesses, companions, etc) and the provision of basic assistance to those persons accompanied. The provision of personal hygiene services and services related to care for people’s personal appearance, in particular the operation of salt caves, public baths, washrooms, toilets, public laundromats, etc. The provision of services and customised manufacture relating to care for people’s personal appearance, in particular make up for modelling, photography, film, television and theatre, wig making, the production of character masks for theatre and film, etc.

This trade does not cover the provision of cosmetic services, manicures, pedicures, barber and hairdressing services, activities that disturb the integrity of human skin, the operation of solaria, the provision of massage, regeneration and reconditioning services, nor the operation of swimming pools, saunas, fitness centres and other sports facilities and facilities providing regeneration and reconditioning services. This trade does not cover guide activities nor the provision of services directly aimed at the satisfaction of sexual needs.

79. Provision of services for the family and households 

The provision of services for families and households, in particular housekeeping (cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, gardening, etc), individual care for persons, particularly children above the age of three in families, occasional short-term babysitting (including children under three years of age), shopping and other activities associated with running a household and other procurement activities.

This trade does not cover the provision of social services pursuant to the Act on Social Services, daily care of children under three years of age, the protection of persons and buildings (bodyguards, watchmen, etc) and other activities related to housekeeping, that are the subject of vocational, professional and permitted trades.

80. Manufacture, trade and services not elsewhere specified 

Manufacture, trade and services that are not the subject to permitted, professional and vocational trades and do not fall under any other activity listed in Annex no. 4 to Act no. 455/1991 Coll., on licensed trade (the Trade Licensing Act), as amended.  

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