Overview of business activities

The alternative gateway to the electronic version of Points of Single Contact (PSC) brings detailed and granted guidelines for more than 180 business activities in various sectors. The guidelines describe, step by step, procedures for acquiring all permissions required for conducting a business activity, including all forms and applications.

Most business activities fall within unqualified for which no professional competence is set as a condition for perfomance of the activity.

There are business activities which require special certificates, permissons and approval. More information are as follows.

Overview of all guidelines for business activities on BusinessInfo.cz portal


Livestock production

Carrying Out Insemination and Insertion of Embryos Using Insemination Equipment

Certificate of Flock of Origin

Feed Business Operator

Handling Animal Products

Laboratory Examination of Game Meat for the Presence of Trichinella

Laboratory Testing the Quality of Feed, Additives and Premixes

Manufacture and import of feeds for research purposes

Monitoring, Assessing and Testing the Performance and Efficiency of Livestock

Purchase and Sale of Cattle, Pigs, Sheep and Goats

Verification and Certification of the Origin of Purebred Livestock

Plant production

Carrying Out Inspections of Seed Crop

Diagnostic, testing, and consulting activity related to the protection plants

Check testing of machinery means used in plant protection

Preparation of Plans and Outlines for Forests on the Territory of National Parks

Professional Assistance in Phytosanitary and Other Activities Related to Protecting Plant Products

Putting into circulation forest reproductive material intended for forest revitalisation

Sampling Seeds and Seedlings

Seed testing

Soil sampling

Supplier of Propagating Material

Building industry

Authorised Inspector

Constructing, modifying and demolishing structures

Construction design



Painting, varnishing, coating

Plumbing, heating

Profession of Authorised Architect

Profession of Authorised Construction Technician

Profession of Authorised Engineer

Roofing, carpentry


Application, manufacture and repair of orthopaedic footwear

Casting metals, modelling

Cleaning and washing textiles and clothing

Dyeing and chemical treatment of textiles

Galvanization, enamelling

Glass cutting and etching

Goldsmith’s and jeweller’s trade

Chimney sweeping

Joinery, flooring

Locksmithing, toolmaking


Manufacture and repair of musical instruments

Manufacture and repair of series-produced prostheses, body ortheses, limb ortheses, soft bandages

Smithery, farriery

Stove fitting

Tinsmithing and panel beating



Purchase and sale of cultural monuments

Renovating cultural monuments

Restoration of works of art that are not cultural monuments or parts thereof


Accreditation of an Educational Programme

Continuing Education of Pedagogical Staff and Accreditation of an Educational

Organization of courses for performing special protective disinfection, disinsectization

Professional Training of Selected Personnel

Schools and Educational Establishments

Verifying Professional Eligibility


Preparing an energy audit and energy assessment

Inspecting air conditioning systems

Conducting inspections of operating boilers and heat distribution lines

Preparing a building energy performance certificate

Business activities in the energy field

Environmental issues


Measurements of pollutants and odorous agents

Nature and landscape

Professional Forester


Pursuing business in the area of hazardous waste disposal

Financial issues

Activity of accounting consultants, bookkeeping, and tax accounting


Independent Loss Adjuster

Responsible insurance actuary

Food industry

Bakery and pastry production

Brewing and malting

Butchery and meat processing

Dairy farming


Food Irradiation

Production and processing of fermented and consumer spirit, spirits, and other alcoholic beverages

Production and processing of sulphite or synthetic spirit


Drugs and pharmaceuticals

Distribution of Medicinal products

Elimination of unusable medication

Handling narcotic substances and preparations, and handling precursors

Medical care

Assessor of health risks pursuant to the Public Health Protection Act

Non-Governmental Health Facility

Psychological counselling and diagnostics

Accredited provider of certification services

Activity of Attorney

Executing enforcement orders

Holding voluntary and compulsory public auctions

Holding voluntary auctions of movables under the Public Auctions Act

Insolvency Trustee

Patent attorney

Pursuing the Profession of Notary

Settled patent attorney

Valuation of property

Metrology, testing and technical standardisation

Assessment of Product Compliance

Authorised metrology centres

Calibration Service Centre

Making official measurements


Mining Activities

Pyrotechnic research

Other services

Accreditation Body According to the Act on Public Administration Information Systems

Assessment Centre

Employment Agency

Geodesic activities

Geological work

Land Consolidation

Managing Sources of Ionising Radiation

Manufacture and sale of hazardous chemical substances

Operating Laboratories Subject to the Public Health Protection Act

Operator of a Public Agricultural Warehouse

Personal Dosimetry and Other Services Important for Radiation Protection

Preparation of a draft of catalogue data

Provision of physical education and sports services

Registry management

Personal services


Crematorium operation

Embalming and conservation

Operation of a funeral service

Health and beauty

Activities by which the integrity of human skin is disturbed

Barbering, hairdressing

Cosmetic services

Massage, reconditioning, and regeneration services

Operation of solariums


Pedicure, manicure

Processing services

Hide and fur processing

Processing rubber compounds

Stone working

Tobacco processing and the manufacture of tobacco products


Fire protection – technical and organizational activity

Operation of shooting ranges as well as teaching and training arms shooting

Private detective services

Provision of services in the area of occupational health and safety

Provision of technical services for the protection of property and persons

Security for property and persons

Some activity in the area of arms and ammunition

Special protective disinfection, disinsectization, and disinfestation

Water rescue service

Social services

Day care of children up to the age of three

Social services

Technical services

Inspection, examination, and testing of specified technical equipment in operation

Installation, repair, and reconstruction of cooling equipment and heat pumps

Installation, repair, inspection and testing of gas equipment and filling vessels with gas

Installation, repair, inspection and testing of lifting equipment

Installation, repair, inspection, and testing of electrical equipment

Installation, repair, inspection, and testing of pressure equipment and gas vessels

Repair of other modes of transport and industrial machinery

Repair of road vehicles

Service of electrical machinery and devices, electronic and telecommunication equipment

Technical and safety supervision of waterworks

Technical auditor

Tourism – leisure


Mountain guiding

Running a travel bureau


Inland water transport

Running a Technical Inspection Station

Running an Emission Measurement Station

Veterinary services and animals

Animal breeding

Animal training

Operation of a zoological garden

Trade in animals used for hobby breeding

Veterinary services

Private Veterinary Technicians

Veterinary decontamination operations

Veterinary Surgeon

If your business does not match to any above listed activity, it is most probably unqualified trade.