Seznam projektů financovaných z fondů vnější spolupráce EU

9. 6. 2018 | Zdroj: Ministerstvo zahraničních věcí (MZV)

Tento seznam je pravidelně zpracováván Stálým zastoupením ČR při EU.

Předběžná oznámení:


Ethiopie – Technical Assistance (TA) to Support EU-Coffee Action for Ethiopia (EU-CAfE) Project

Service is to provide direct technical support to the beneficiaries (Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority, ECTA; (Oromia Coffee and Tea Authority; Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region Coffee, Tea and Spices Authority; Amhara Bureau of Agriculture and Natural Resources and, Jimma Agricultural Research Centre) under the EU-CAfE project. Project aims to support smallholder coffee producers, processors, traders & their organizations to improve productivity, quality with focus on specialty and traceable coffees, value chain development and trade transparency through public-private partnerships and dialogues. The aim is to increase smallholder producers and other value chain actors' fair share of income and for the country to benefit much more from coffee trade.

The project also:

  • pilot the identification of selected Ethiopian coffee types through Geographic Indications (GIs);
  • install and operationalize information Technology (IT) system;
  • and establish interactive extension management system for Ethiopian Coffees.

The expected outcomes of the project embrace:

  • improved extension services to increase farmers' skills for productivity, quality and processing;
  • improved farmers' access to high quality inputs and technologies;
  • increased availability of processing and grading capabilities for high quality coffees and increased flow of market information;
  • integration of innovative solutions and technologies from coffee research and extension for higher yield and high quality;
  • establishing and capacitating strategic public-private stakeholders coordination and dialogue platforms and ensure functionality;
  • and strengthened of Federal and regional coffee authorities' planning and management capacities.

The TA team, under close supervision of the ECTA, will assist the planning and implementation, ensuring compliance with EDF procedures and regulations, proper financial and project management and coordination under the grant and will engage in, GI and IT system (interactive coffee web page and web-based coffee extension system) development, establishment of a dialogue platform, and support monitoring and reporting on project implementation.

Swaziland – Supply of Vehicles to the Development of a Social Protection System in Swaziland (SPSS)project in the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office (DPMO)

Supply and delivery of five (5) – 4x4 double cab pick-ups for the Development of a Social Protection System in Swaziland (SPSS) project in the Deputy Prime Ministers Office (DPMO).


Georgia – Support to the Georgian State Electrosystem in implementation of new energy sector regulations

The objective of the contract is to assist the Transmission System Operator, Georgian State Electrosystem, in strengthening its capacity for implementation of new energy sector regulations, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development and the Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission. Energy sector legislation of Georgia is in the process of alignment with the requirements of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement and of the Energy Community Treaty.



Kosovo - Support to Kosovo Veterinary and Food Agency (KVFA) in upgrading and functionalizing information technology systems and increasing its capacity to implement an integrated approach to food safety

Purpose of the contract is developing/functionalizing, extension and integration of IT system for food and feed control, including import/export and transit; Developing and functionalizing laboratory information system.

Turkey – Technical Assistance for Cooperation with Civil Society in the field of migration and international protection

The main objective of this project is to strengthen cooperation with the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) by increasing their capacity to work in the field of migration and international protection. In this regard, the project will cover activities such as identification and mapping of CSOs active in the field of migration; preparation and design of training modules and delivery of trainings; making a gap analysis; strengthening a nation-wide CSO migration network; facilitation of peer-to-peer exchange with EU-based CSOs; and setting-up a mechanism for structured exchange with public authorities.

Turkey – Construction of Sorgun Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Design and build of approximately 9,100 m3/d average flow rate capacity wastewater treatment plant
  • Design and build of approximately 50 m, 1400 mm diameter reinforced concrete collector
  • Design and build of treated effluent discharge line
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Training of the municipality staff on the operation of the wastewater treatment plant
  • 12 months supervision of operation after Taking Over (Defects Notification Period)

The works will be implemented under FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Plant and Design–Build (Yellow Book)

Oznámení o veřejných zakázkách:


Belize – 11th EDF Belize: Health Support Programme Belize

The required Technical Assistance will support the Government of Belize to:

1. Improve the PFM legal framework by:

  • Drafting legislation and related regulations to establish the Internal Audit Unit (IAU);
  • Drafting, reviewing and proposing recommendations on the legislative framework governing the activity of the Office of Auditor General (OAG) and of Contractor General Department (CGD).

2. Strengthen PFM oversight and control functions by:

  • Setting up and building capacity of an Internal Audit Unit;
  • Improving the OAG 's working procedures, auditing strategy, resources management processes, audit methodologies and communications with stakeholders;
  • Reviewing and proposing improvements to the technical framework of the CGD;
  • Defining training needs and organising necessary training for IAU, OAG and CGD;

Establishing a PFM coordination mechanism to assist Ministry of Finance in planning, implementing and monitoring of activities and results as described in the PFM Reform Action Plan.


Cyprus -  Works for the Construction of an Irrigation System for the Reuse of Morphou/Güzelyurt WWTP Treated Wastewaters

This Works contract will cover the construction of an irrigation system for the reuse of Morphou/Güzelyurt Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) treated wastewater for agricultural irrigation purposes, which includes, but not limited to, the following

  • Lined Treated Effluent Reservoir (capacity 100,000 m3) with all pipelines, chambers and connections as associated with the reservoir.
  • Irrigation Pumping station (maximum flow 136.3 m³/hr) & associated piping including all civil, mechanical and electrical works and the connection of the power supply to the Pumping Station.
  • 315mm diameter HDPE irrigation pumping main approximately 2.8km long with 11 take-off points including all fittings, actuated valves, water meters, pressure reducing valves, security measures, etc,
  • Power Supply Cable with the correspondent cable pipe, main and local control panels, and connections from the WWTP to all take-off points including connection to the power source.
  • An educational nursery area.

The Contractor shall also prepare the detailed design of all mechanical and electrical works.

The Works contract shall be let under the FIDIC model contract "Conditions of Contract for Construction for Building and Engineering Works Designed by the Employer 1999 – First Edition" FIDIC Red Book, adapted to take into account the relevant provisions of the PRAG Practical Guide.

The works will be carried out in the northern part of Cyprus.

Georgia – Supply and delivery of Helium Gas to the EUMM Georgia

The subject of the contract is the supply and delivery of Helium gas to the EUMM Georgia further described in Part B of this tender dossier.

Hungary – Planning activities of the cross border road between Baja and Sombor Bács-Kiskun county, Hungary

Planning activities of the cross border road between Baja and Sombor will include:

1. Preparation of study plan, feasibility study and environmental impact study for the following road sections:

  • Southern Baja by-pass road
  • No. 51. main road Baja – Hercegszántó - border crossing

2. Preparation of licensing plans and expropriation plans for the following road section:

  • No. 51. main road Baja - Hercegszántó - border crossing

Technical content of the road section of No. 51. main road Baja - Hercegszántó - border crossing point: Renovation of the existing, 2x1-lane main road and reinforcement of pavement on approx. 28 km distance. Alignment review with curve correction design. Placement of road connections and bus stops into a bay. Drainage review.

Renovation of bridges at the crossing of existing watercourses and canals. Planning of a 1,4 km bypass road next to Nagybaracska. Planning of interchange at the intersection of main national road 5151 in the urban zone of Hercegszántó with a turn lane. Planning of a lane for goods vehicles pulling over in front of the border post. Planning of an independent bidirectional bicycle route next to main road 51.

Please note that the given parameters, data and road lengths are strictly for information and shall be considered as starting points, and as such, they need to be modified and specified during the planning phase.

The tasks include the preparation of the environmental impact assessment part, the road construction part of the study and any other parts of the related discipline fields, cost-benefit analysis, road safety impact assessment and the participation in attaining of the related decisions and approvals according to the needs of the Contracting Authority.

Kosovo – Medicaments and Consumables under Framework Contract No. 5.

The subject of the framework contract is the supply and delivery by the Contractor of Medicaments and Consumables (see Annex II and III of the Tender Dossier for the relevant description of the items and the yearly estimated quantities of items that MAY be purchased during the duration of the framework contract) in 2(two) lots at EULEX Kosovo, Pristina, DAP.

Deliveries shall take place within 45 calendar days (for Lot 1 and Lot 2 except for items from 74  to 85 for Lot 2 where the delivery time is 90 calendar days) after the receipt by the contractor of a “purchase order” and the Incoterm applicable shall be DAP (delivery at place).

Serbia – EU Support for Efficient Border Management (Service)

The subject of the contract is support to strengthen institutional capacities of the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection (Plant Protection Directorate and Department for Border Phyto-Sanitary Inspection, the Veterinary Directorate and the Department for Veterinary Sanitary Control at Border Inspection Posts) and the Ministry of Finance (Customs Administration) for the implementation of the Integrated Border Management (IBM) Strategy and Action Plan.

The main activities aim at:

  • improving the capacities of financial services for IBM institutions to develop, plan and monitor the execution of the budget for the implementation of measures under the IBM Action Plan;
  • improving work procedures of the Plant Protection Directorate and Department for Border Phyto-sanitary Inspection, the Veterinary Directorate and Department of border veterinary inspection and the MoF Customs Administration at Border crossing points;
  • building capacities of staff within the IBM institutions in various areas; supporting communication and visibility related to IBM;
  • improving IT solutions and developing interconnectivity between IBM institutions; supporting the functioning of the IBM coordination mechanisms.

Turkey – Technical Assistance for the Improvement of Standardization System and Raising Awareness

The aim of the contract is to improve the performance of the standardisation system in Turkey and provide a better engagement with the European system through improving the reliability, efficiency and operational performance of the Turkish standardisation system and raising national awareness on standardisation by educating the stakeholders. With this contract, a new system is to be established, which will bring a modern and professional approach in standardisation works.

Contactor shall develop new user-friendly software and a new program expected to convert all standards into XML format and prepare a list of terms and definitions used for creating a common terminology in standard development. Contractor shall also develop and implement a public awareness campaign including study visits, visual and written materials, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), training of internal and external users, and seminars/meetings to be held in several major cities of Turkey in line with the Communication & Media Strategy and Action Plan to be provided within the project.

Turkey – Technical Assistance for Improving Product Safety through Better Harmonisation and Implementation of EU Technical / Legislation on Machinery Sector

The contract aims to achieve a higher level of product safety through better harmonisation and implementation of EU technical legislation on Machinery.

Within the scope of the contract, the knowledge of the staff of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology (MOSIT), Notified Bodies (NBs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) on accreditation standards for conformity assessment, testing/calibration laboratories, EU directives and regulations on machinery, the noise emission in the environment by equipment for use outdoors, requirements relating to gaseous and particulate pollutant emission limits and type approval for internal combustion engines for non-road mobile machinery will be improved through translation, publication and distribution of guide documents, study visits, workshops, trainings and introductory films.

Turkey – Enhancement of TÜRKAK’s Capacity in Accreditation of Conformity Assessment Bodiesmpl

The purpose of the project is to further increase the technical capacity of the Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK) in line with the new developments in the field of accreditation both in European Union and international arena.

To this end, the Contractor will provide capacity building services via preparation of need analysis report, development of accreditation schemes and guidelines on sector specific accreditation procedures, organization of workshops, trainings and study visits on accreditation. The Contractor is also expected to provide awareness raising activities on accreditation such as organization of information days, information seminars and World Accreditation Day event.

Turkey –  Support for the EU communicatıon programme ın Turkey

The contractor will assist Contracting Authority to implement the EU Delegation to Turkey's communication support programme with the purpose of increasing the public's knowledge and understanding of the EU during the accession negotiations and explaining the implications of EU accession in Turkey.

The Contractor will assist in the development and implementation of EU-related communication activities in Turkey, including inter alia:  media campaigns, events, press trips, web-based publications and audio-visual materials, management of the Delegation's websites, databases and social media, media monitoring and analysis, social research such as opinion polls, etc.

Turkey – Technical Assistance for Achieving the Harmony with EU regarding the Implementation of the NIS Directive

The objective of the project is to contribute to alignment of Turkey’s regulatory framework regarding network and information security with the Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive (Directive (EU) 2016/1148).

To this end, the Contractor will provide capacity building services to the Information and Communication Technologies Authority and relevant stakeholders’ staff via organization of workshops, trainings and study visits on NIS Directive and its implementation.

The Contractor is also expected to prepare gap analysis report assessing main pillars and requirements of the NIS Directive, analysing current Turkish legislation and practice regarding network and information security with a view to identify gaps between the national policy and legislation and the Directive’s requirements involving concrete legislation proposals and best practice examples for national strategy on network and information security from EU member states.

Turkey – Technical Assistance for Increasing the Capacity and Quality of Judicial Statistics

The aim of the contract is to ensure rule of law and fundamental rights in Turkey fully in line with international and European standards by contributing to improvement of the judicial statistics. In this regard, the main objective of the project is to organize and conduct trainings.

Moreover, among the other services to be carried out by the Contractor are evaluation of the current situation and data availability exercise, integration with judicial data warehouse, establishment and processing of judicial statistics data warehouse, development of swift statistical tabulation and calculation tools, setting judicial statistics conferences and organizing study visits on abovementioned activities.

Turkey – Technical Assistance for Implementation of Civil Society Dialogue and Civil Society Support Programmes

The purpose of this contract is to provide technical assistance to the Ministry for EU Affairs (MEU) for the implementation of four grant schemes (“Civil Society Support Programme II (CSSP-II)”, “Civil Society Support Programme III (CSSP-III)”, “Civil Society Dialogue V (CSD-V)” and “Civil Society Dialogue VI (CSD-VI)”) in an effective and timely manner. The Contractor will also provide assistance to the Grant Beneficiaries during the implementation of their projects.

In this regard, the Contractor will realize trainings, organise opening and closing events, prepare and implement publicity and media strategies, design and deliver promotional materials, provide support to the MEU to develop a regular evaluation and assessment method for these programmes and assist MEU in the management of the consultation mechanism to improve the participation and contribution of the civil society organizations to the IPA programming process in the civil society sub-sector.

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